The Tip-Off: Destiny Potato

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Math-Metal + Sweet & Innocent vocals + One really weird name  = Destiny Potato


Equipped with one of the most preposterous names I’ve ever heard, Destiny Potato’s sound is something just as unique as it’s name. Fusing 2 sides of a very different coin - Progressive-metal and Pop they may not be for everyone but at least they dare to tread the lines of creativity and create such a beautiful debut album, Lun.


With one of the most interesting and diverse guitar riffs, I’ve ever heard, Lun kicks off with the track, Indifferent. It sums up exactly what Destiny Potato deliver - Passion. Energy and Grace. It also makes me question how the heck they play that riff live?! It’s nuts!


Female-fronted metal has always been one of my favourite side-genres. The massive wall of sound behind such soft and elegant vocals, sends shivers down my spine. It’s something about it that makes it sound like a dark opera. Destiny Potato take that concept, and turn it completely on it’s head by combining the side-genre with Djent/Math-Metal/Super Prog (however you call it these days) and boy, does it work!


My favourite track on the record, following straight on from the work-horse - that is Indifferent, is Take a Picture;




A demonic track that builds and builds with the grooviest bass riff I’ve ever heard. Until it unleashes the extreme side of Aleksandra Djelmas (vocals). It’s not everyday you hear such a contrast from such soulful-pop music to utter brutality - similar to Lee’s, Rolo Tomassi.


From a quick Google Search, it looks like I’m not the only one who’s recently discovered Destiny Potato thanks to Spotify. Thank goodness for Discover Weekly and Related Artists otherwise these hidden gems would be kept under wraps.


Jim out!


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 45,418
  • Hometown: Belgrade, Serbia
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Innocence is never bliss
  • 3 Related Artists: Intervals, Good Tiger, Skyharbor