The Tip-Off: DyE


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Chill music + liquid sound + electronic + unconventional thinking = DyE


Hey everyone, how’ve you all been doing? 


I’m glad to announce it’s that time of the month again... Yep! You guessed right if you were thinking The Tip-Off!


Introducing (with a great deal of excitement)…


DyE or, as his real name is, Juan de Guillebon. Juan used to play in a Tropical Disco Band at 14 and later on chose to study Sound Engineering, Cello and Electric Bass. I mean, how cool is that?! Do you know anyone who did something similar? I don’t but it sure sounds inspiring 🙂


I discovered him back in 2014 while checking the Facebook profile of a friend. Someone posted a song of DyE on my friend's wall and the post got me curious. The song was She’s Bad (feat. The Egyptian Lover). This became my anthem several hours before my first ever job interview. Be it because of the mood and enthusiasm this song gave me or because I was just well prepared and lucky, I totally nailed it. Thanks, DyE!




Anyway, years later (five to be precise - where did the time go?) I discovered more of what DyE had to offer, namely, Turquoise Days. I was looking for a fresh new sound but got much more than that -  beats (played at just the right time) accompanied by unintrusive lyrics. It was just what I needed. It has a fast-paced tempo, it has this upbeat rhythm that makes me feel energized and ready to own the day.




Lately, I've been listening to SathorN. With more intensity in beat and no lyrics, this is my choice when I need to finish a mental task and focus is key. Not only does it keep me going but it also helps me to get things done. 




DyE’s musical creations give out the right mix of chill vibes and upbeatness seen through (but are not limited to) the lens of the electronic genre. Other genres that are linked to DyE are alternative rock and eclectic.

Which DyE piece do you like best? Feel free to comment on the blog.


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 48,609
  • Hometown: Paris, France
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Energizing Sound Wave
  • Three related artists: Pastel Ghost, Harley Dyse, College
  • Spotify artist profile: spotify:artist:1zUARwQOZCs4MEzDt65eG6
  • Featured tracks: She’s Bad, Turquoise Days, SathorN 
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Turquoise Days is a nice track!


Glad you also like it, @Guido! 🙂

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Rock Star 23

Been listening to him since 2013, and I remember thinking of his tracks as part chillwave, part synthpop, which, interestingly, would make them kinda dreampop in today's terms. 🙂


I don't know about anybody else. But I think the idea of a shuffle queue is great. Queue 12 songs or however many. Click shuffle and all the songs you've queued get shuffled. I am forever queuing songs and they end up being each artist followed by the next. I end up shuffling it myself which is a Ballache. I thought a shuffle queue button would be great for sorting this out. 

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Hi @Smachin3,

Did you know there is an idea section to submit ideas? I checked your idea and it's already there:


Give it your vote and it will be more likely that it will be implemented.





I second @Guido, Turquoise Days is a pretty great track! Nice recommendation @Petya👏 


Hey @Katerina, thanks! I'm super happy you guys learned about DyE and that this one song made an impression on you! 

@osornios, virtual high 5 for what you said 🙂 We've started listening to him around the same time. 


Thank you for introducing me to DyE! Cocktail CItron is such a fabulous album


Hey @itsAlessio, my pleasure 🙂 Glad you enjoy the whole album. Keep an eye out for our next In Our Headphones post where we'll be sharing some more music we're enthusiastic about ^^