The Tip-Off: Hattie Whitehead


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 Nick Drake + Kate Rusby + Joni Mitchell = Hattie Whitehead


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Soft charming guitar picks, rich spiralling vocals, and an all over natural tone that draws influences from folk (old and new). Hattie Whitehead is a contemporary acoustic singer-songwriter, whose stories are heartfelt and pure.


With a truthful and relaxing mix of songs and messages, taking a trip through Hattie’s Spotify page is like... sipping on a hot coffee in a warm-lit seaside cafe, whilst the rain beats down outside. Her tracks make me think of that nostalgic feeling evoked from an old book, as well as that up-lifting buzz from an afternoon of laughter with friends.


Take a listen to 'Confused and Untied’:




Here she appears to sing of that moment when the world seems to be moving on around you, and without you. The times when you stand still in your own little circle, waiting for the sunbeam in the clouds. The unsteady thoughts of not quite knowing, but being OK with that. ‘My friends lives get clearer, as I choose to linger’. Although it might seem somewhat of a sad song, Hattie’s honest lyrics send a reassuring message to her listeners. The mix of light and shade here is what makes the song a winner for me.


Something a little different now? Shake off those blues and have a listen to another one:




London based artist Hattie shows off her impressive range of influences here with this alternative rich piece.


Checking out Hattie’s online pages, it looks like she’s a girl on the road, too, with lots of festivals and live dates in the pipeline. I imagine these tracks sound even better live, so if you’re local to Hattie or just roaming around a UK festival field in welly boots this year, why not check her out.



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 221
  • Hometown: London
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Sweet Contemporary Folk
  • 3 Related Artists: Nick Drake, Kate Rusby, Joni Mitchell


Not able to catch her live? Make sure you do catch her on Spotify.

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Thanks for sharing for me while I was off @Leo :) 


Cool stuff. She reminds me of Martha Bean, whose also from the UK.