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‎2017-07-14 10:36 AM

The Tip-Off: 

Morly + Lana Del Rey + VÉRITÉ = Jojee

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Edgy, sharp, ‘future-soul’ pop. Looking for something with a little attitude this Friday? Something to give you a solid fist-punch into the weekend? Check out this week’s Tip-Off - Jojee.


NYC based Jojee’s another of those charmingly mysterious artists. I'm noticing this a lot more when checking out artists I discover recently. You head to their social profiles to find out a little more. But, you won’t find that chunky bio filled with descriptions of a musical journey from childhood to now. Instead, on Jojee's Facebook for example, there’s a subtle cluster of links towards other online pages, the ‘future-soul’ genre description, and name - 'Jojee'. I’ll have to admit, this left me a little lost when trying to write this at first, but then I realised that’s the point. So I continued my journey through her Spotify profile, and listened.


I came across Jojee through Spotify’s Related Artists feature when initially streaming Morly. The artist Morly’s a little more similar to Jojee’s debut release, with laid back electro-pop vibes. So, when I clicked onwards and pressed play on "Poison Fruit", the track’s kick came as a sweet surprise.


"Poison Fruit" is Jojee’s latest release, following the debut release "Low Key". So, let’s start with that. With spiky brass, strong vocals, and descriptive lyrics, this tune creates a confident, fiery atmosphere.



To me, this fresh and punchy flavour speaks of those tough times where you come out the other side a whole lot stronger. Some artists just feel effortlessly current and stylish, and I’d say this fits right into that category.


Builds, drops, vocal stabs, heavy bass, and new-feel beats = follow, save, stream and repeat.

Want to hear some more? So did I!



So, Jojee's online presence isn't giving away too much yet, but her music is taking its place and speaking volumes. And, I'm pretty excited to see what comes next! With 36,131 monthly listeners, it looks like I'm not the only one, too.


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 36,131
  • NYC
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Press repeat heat 🔥
  • 3 Related Artists: Morly + Lana Del Rey + VÉRITÉ 



 The Tip-Off

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Gig Goer

I love your simple, elevator pitch, artist equation! Really helps nail down the artists' sound. Also, how come all my favorite artists are releasing songs about unraveling?