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Ntjam Rosie + Jesse Boykins III + Miles Bonny = Joya Mooi


It's that time again! Welcome back to The Tip-Off.


“Who else do they sound like?”...


I love it when I struggle to answer this question. Or, when the answer is something like “I can’t explain, you’ll just have to listen!”. An artist that falls into that beautifully indescribable category for me is Joya Mooi.


You might think that this will make writing a Tip-Off tricky, and you’re right. But this is the good kind of challenge. When you can’t find the words, why not just listen…


‘Could You Be Mine?’ :




Checking out her social media channels, I found a sweet little line in a bio, stating “Joya has many musical faces that are all characterised by her background as a conservatory-trained jazz musician and her interest in contemporary music”.


The line ‘conservatory-trained jazz musician’ really stood out for me here. While you’ll drift in and out of many genres exploring Joya’s Spotify profile, those distinctively fresh jazzy tones run smoothly throughout.


Avant-garde jazziness, linking every unique and creatively different song and sound together, in a distant but blissful harmony. Nice.




As mentioned, these sounds are a little hard to explain. So, if you haven’t yet grasped what I meant by ‘every unique and creatively different song’, let’s check out something else: 




Right from the get-go it’s completely different to the soft, mellow, chill-out vibes of ‘change time’, but the drastic contrast is in no way off-putting. Instead, you feel like you’ve just discovered another piece of the puzzle.


My conclusion, after discovering Joya Mooi, is that you don’t just skip past her music. While you might stumble across her from this Tip-Off, or from the Related Artists feature like I did, you won’t then swiftly stumble away again. Joya’s songs create moments, so they require an element of time. Time to sit, listen, and indulge.


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 2,812

Hometown: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Would fit best in a playlist called: “Stumbled upon a gem”

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Very nice one :)

Music Fan

Hmmm. Very interesting. Thank you for sharing!


I can relate to just hearing lyrics and understanding from their plus love music its medicine for the soul.