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Michael Rother Obsession - Hygge Attitude x Angular Post Punk + Danish Angst = Lød


Copenhagen evokes many images to me.


I visualise a serene landscape, driving over the Øresund, whilst wearing an big itchy jumper. Maybe Mads Mikkelsen is in the passenger seat drinking Carlsberg and playing with Lego. Maybe we’re planning to meet Saga Norén over the bridge in Malmö to solve a crime.


Pipe dreams aside, it’s not a place I’d expect to find music of a belligerent or antagonistic nature. Iceage were the only people to prove me wrong… Until now.


Roughly translating in Danish as “Sounded”, Lød are a quintet with motorik lunge and the desire to build hypnotic, lo-fi trance punk. Relatively new on the scene, the Danes recently graduated and threw themselves into the ardent music scene that blossoms in the Danish capital. Their first track premiered on NPR and was released on the 11th of May (almost box-fresh at the time of writing this).




If Lød’s first single is anything to go by for pinpointing their sound, you could say it’s anything but ‘hygge’. Abrasive, expeditious, and darkly exhilarating, ‘The eight-and-a-half minute ‘Folder’ juggernauts along, manifesting krautrock tendencies against it’s many other cornered influences.


If NEU listened to post-punk, moved five hours north east of Hamburg and sung in Danish, They’d probably have been something like Lød.


The EP arrives via Tough Love Records (and via Part Time Records in Denmark) on the 30th of June. It’ll be limited to an imaginably highly sought-after 300 copies on 12” record.


Kom op! Dans til dette!



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 85
  • Hometown: Copenhagen
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Scandi Kraut Indie Clubnight
  • 3 Related Artists: Toy / Ought / Preoccupations

You can find Lød's artist profile here.


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