The Tip-Off: Laura Oakes

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Carrie Underwood + Dixie Chicks + Maren Morris = Laura Oakes


Forget about Friday the 13th for a second. We can assure you there's nothing unlucky about today being the day you discover Laura Oakes.


Laura from Liverpool, delivers a rich, refreshing take on UK Country in this week's Tip-Off.




From a little online digging, it looks like Laura always knew that music was her passion. She's even made the big trip out to Nashville! This must have been very influencial, as her sound spills that authentic, dreamy, Nashville kick. 


With hearty arrangements, classic slide-guitar making an appearance, and clear rolling vocals, it came as a surprise when I noticed Laura currently has just 396 Monthly Listeners in Spotify. Like a lottery win, I felt like with a bit of luck (and the help of the Related Artists feature), I'd just stumbled upon a rising star. 396 is still totally amazing, don't get me wrong. It's just, this is a number that I predict with confidence is certain to soon rise huge amounts. 




Laura is certainly a bit of a hiden gem on Spotify. However, this isn't quite the case in the Country scene elsewhere. She's already played some huge shows, including supporting the likes of The Shires, and Ward Thomas!


Ward Thomas:




The Shires:




With names like that already ticked off the list, I might not be the only one who's excited to see what's next.


So before we sign out and say goodbye in this week's Tip-Off, I'll leave you with my favorite song...




This up-beat, charming, Country-Pop hit delivers every expectation. Sweet story-telling, heartfelt lyrics, and a pulse that takes you not only through the song, but also through her narrative journey.


I love it, and I hope you will too.


That's all until next week,




  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 396
  • Hometown: Liverpool
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: New Country 
  • 3 Related Artists: Carrie Underwood + Dixie Chicks + Maren Morris

Can someone please help me? I can't locate search menu on my Spotify page to search songs. Ridiculous. I tried Help but their image of the page is entirely different from mine. Anyone?


Hey @cdcooksf,


Thanks for reaching out! We'd recommend going to the Help boards to post about this. 


Be sure to post it in the relevant board (for example, the Desktop board if this only occurs on your computer), and one of our awesome Rock Stars, a Spotify Moderator, or another helpful Community user should be able to help you out.



Casual Listener

a delightful song, thanks. smile

Casual Listener

a delightful song, thanks. smile


very pleasant song! and so enjoying the songs.

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very peaceful song and feel so relax.