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The Tip-Off: Mike McKenna Jr



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Donovan Woods + The Civil Wars + Ray Lamontagne = Mike McKenna Jr


An authentic, golden, raspy voice that sings comfortably over folk-driven rhythmic guitar lines. I love this charming songwriter, and I think you will too.


Mike McKenna Jr paints soft yet gritty stories seemingly linked to his observations of home, travel, memories and landscapes. He grew up in Cape Breton - Nova Scotia, before heading to Canada, traveling, and also gaining the praise of the North American folk community. With a story as rich as his music though, I’d recommend checking out his biography here.


Time to hear some? Lend your ear to his beautiful track ‘Little Things’.




Right from the get-go this song lets us in. His personal, nostalgic lyrics are wonderfully descriptive giving his music a relatable and also gorgeously humble tone.


He’s not just a one trick pony either. There’s more to Mike McKenna Jr than his sweet traditional-feeling folky songs. He also gives us the perfect balance of soul, and power displayed neatly in ‘Travelin man’. This is the rugged, bold and brilliant title track from his first EP.  'Travelin man' feels like that old-school story we all know well of a man on the road. Hot sun, dusty tracks, beaten surroundings and a brave heart. However, Mike McKenna Jr describes every detail so carefully and elaborately that we’re pretty sure he’s trodden his footprints around the globe a little too.




So there you have it. This week in the Tip-Off we’re bringing you a warm, emotive, folk Americana gem. And, even if like me the only traveling you’ve done today is the daily commute, I'd still recommend kicking off those shoes, and winding down with your headphones on to this one.



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 47
  • Hometown: Cape Breton
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Folk Americana Daydreams
  • 3 Related Artists: Donovan Woods + The Civil Wars + Ray Lamontagne