The Tip-Off: Mr Fogg

‎2017-08-11 02:00 AM

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Ben Gibbard’s delicate vocals + Electronic mischief + Organic haze = Mr Fogg


Soaring synths, organic layers and a dash of (delicate yet heartfelt) vocals form the core of Mr Fogg.


This Oxford-based artist has drawn the attention of BBC Radio 6 and NME among others, and I was tipped off to his music a few months back. I’ve since been enamoured with his style. There’s a few personal favorites I’m bursting to tell you about, but first, let’s take a glimpse through the fog.


Much like his name implies, Fogg crafts a wondrous gloomy atmosphere of smooth sounds, which then twists into a distorted mayhem of bit-crushed synths and samples. Fogg has released two elaborate albums, both recorded and composed with producer Valgeir Sigurdsson (the man behind works from artists such as Björk, Damon Albarn and Feist to name a few). Despite these accolades, Fogg remains understated, taking time to craft his art and it’s subtle intricacies.


His latest release Eleven showcases this sound, with the track ‘Black Eyes’ softly building a mist around your senses, until the chorus envelops you with a fuzzy sweater of synthesised bass. The song encapsulates a tense feeling throughout, yet still feels welcoming in its melancholy.




The earlier release Moving Parts shows his mischievous side. The track ‘Stung’ begins with his atmospheric prowess, before introducing a playfully distorted synth-bass which pings through the song not unlike a bumblebee. Coupled with catchy yet steady percussion, the track bounces through Mr Fogg’s tale of arguments and betrayal, and the sting that follows.




And my personal favourite is ‘Tightrope’, which evokes that feeling of pure adrenaline when faced with something exhilarating (scared of heights, anyone?).




All in all, a true diamond in the rough, or rather a lighthouse guiding you through the storm. Melancholia has never sounded sweeter, or as soothing as it is in Mr Fogg’s craft.



  • Monthly listeners in Spotify: 275
  • Hometown: Oxford
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Melancholic Mania
  • 3 Related Artists: Never Mind the Stars + Drew Danburry + The Postal Service


You can find Mr Fogg’s artist profile here.





Nice debut Tip-Off, @Matt_Hammond

I'm going to give Mr Fogg more of a spin this weekend. Really digging those few tracks you picked out 🙂