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The Moldy Peaches + First Aid Kit + a little dose of vulnerability = Olive James


Fans of sincere, optimistic folk-pop: meet your new favourite duo. This collaboration brings together two talented Nashville-based singer-songwriters, Jake Etheridge and Olivia Rudeen, and they’ve never been better than when they’re together.


Olivia Rudeen hails from Colorado originally, and has done a ton of collaborations since moving to Music City. She’s a pretty prolific performer, and has even become a regular at Nashville's world-famous Bluebird Cafe.




Jake Etheridge grew up in South Carolina, but lived in Amsterdam for a while as a member of the Dutch country band The Common Linnets. He recently dipped his toe in the acting pool with a short stint in the final season of country music TV show Nashville, after co-writing a few songs for the show.






It’s hard to track down much info about how this joint venture came about. They haven’t given many interviews about Olive James, and even hide their faces in the EP’s cover photo. I guess we let the music speak for itself!


Released in mid-2017, the eponymous EP came off the back of Olivia’s The Colorado Sessions - EP and an album-free year for Jake (who is best known for 2015’s So In Love With You).






The instrumentation of the Olive James EP is simple - mostly sticking to acoustic guitar and the pair’s well-blended voices. For me, the highlight has got to be Love Is Like.




The most streamed track of the EP is its lead track, the simple and charming I Like You.




There’s no guarantee that these guys will collaborate again, but let’s all keep our fingers crossed.



  • Monthly Listeners on Spotify: 19,500
  • Hometown: Nashville
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: 6 Strings and a Whole Lot of Feelings
  • 3 Related Artists: Jake Etheridge, Olivia Rudeen, Drew Holcombe and the Neighbors





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