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(Ladyhawke x CHVRCHES) + Two Door Cinema Club = Party Nails

This weeks tip-off goes out to Party Nails (created by singer Elana Belle Carroll). Get ready for some pop tracks with attitude!

With the release of Break in 2015, Party Nails set a new standard for the modern indie pop band sound. At the core of the song we get a bass, guitar, and drum kit, but at the forefront we're met with lead synth parts that range from clean and bouncy, to distorted and edgy. Give it a listen!




After the release of Break, 2017 brought us the release of the Come Again EP and a new Party Nails logo.


One of the biggest tracks on the EP is Blow Me Away. Comparing this track to Break, we still have the same blend of live band and synthetic instruments, but with a bigger spotlight on the electric guitar. There's an 80's pop vibe to the song that makes it sound both familar and new. 




Party Nails are set to tour this Fall with PVRIS and LIGHTS. If you're in the right place between the 22nd September and October the 7th, I'd highly recommend seeing Party Nails perform live. This lineup is insane, and will be one crazy good show! 


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 6,984
Hometown: LA
Would fit best in a playlist called: Talk to the hand... the face ain't listening
3 Related Artists: PVRIS, CHVRCHES, Ladyhawke

You can find Party Nails' artist profile here.

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