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The Tip-Off: Pugwash


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Electric Light Orchestra+ Harmonious Melodies + Irish Roots + Cheerful Pop = Pugwash


If you’re looking for something to bring some sunshine to a rainy day, then Pugwash might just be the band for you. Inspired by his favourite bands XTC, The Beach Boys, The Beatles and Electric Light Orchestra, lead singer and guitarist Thomas Walsh formed Pugwash in 1999. The Irish four-piece have since gone on to release 5 studio albums since their debut, LP, Almond Tea.


The line-up has changed slightly over the years, but as of now, Pugwash consists of Thomas Walsh, along with Tosh Flood, Shaun McGee and Joe Fitzgerald. During their ten-year run, Pugwash have garnered something of an international cult following, with fans applauding them for their cheerful power-pop stylings with a definite alternative-rock twang.


“Anyone Who Asks”, taken from their compilation album A Rose in a Garden of Weeds: A Preamble Through the History of Pugwash truly sums up their sound. Check it out below:



The band also engages their playful side, on silly and cheerful ELO-esque tunes such as “Monorail”:



…or “At The Sea”:



Pugwash love to experiment with orchestral/string sections, which is definitely a treat for the ears:



On a side-note, Walsh also collaborates with The Divine Comedy’s Neil Hannon in their band, The Duckworth Lewis Method. If you’re a cricket fan, you’ll love their quintessentially British cricket-themed pop.


So, what are you waiting for? Embrace that Friday Feeling, plug in your headphones and give Pugwash a listen. Let us know what you think!


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 738

Hometown: Dublin, Ireland

Would fit best in a playlist called: Cheerful Pop

3 Related Artists: The Beatles, Electric Light Orchestra, XTC


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