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South London x Moses Boyd + A sprinkle of spiritualism - Coffee shop jazz = Ruby Rushton


At first, it might be hard to predict Ruby Rushton’s progressive London jazz vibe when checking out the album cover for Trudi’s Songbook Vol. 1, but looks can be deceiving. I’d recommend having a listen to “Moonlight Woman” to kick things off.




The contemporary jazz group’s hazy, 70s album artwork is first on their list of anti-fashion statements.


They reminded the crowd it’s all about ‘music, not fashion’ on the 15th of Jan at the Omeara, London. Hailed as the most depressing day of the year, they shook the blues loose with the epic “Elephant & Castle”.




Seamlessly weaving jazz, soul, afro-beat and electronic music, Ruby Rushton’s musical knot is tied by Ed Cawthorne’s (Tenderlonious) electrifying freestyled flute solos.


Check out their skills in the build up on “Prayer for Yusef”. You’ll want to tap in at around 6:50.




Love festivals and new jazz? I’d suggest catching these guys at Jazz à Vienne Festival, Vienne, 28th June - 13th July. Or you can catch front man Ed Cawthorne (Tenderlonious) at Soundwave, Croatia, 26th-30th July for a taste of the action.


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 8,059
Hometown: London (but Wiltshire’s responsible for Ed Cawthorne’s Barbour gilet collection)
Would fit best in a playlist called: Who’s Yusef?
3 Related Artists: Moses Boyd, Yussef Kamaal, Emma-Jean Thackray’s WALRUS


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