The Tip-Off: Ryan McMullan

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James Bay + Paolo Nutini + an extra dollop of feelings = Ryan McMullan


27-year-old Ryan McMullan has had a dynamite few months. After supporting Foy Vance at the end of last year, he’s now been announced as the support act for the UK leg of Ed Sheeran’s Divide tour. The number of Monthly Listeners on his artist page are rising rapidly - if you’ve not heard of him yet, that’s probably about to change…


2016’s ‘Listen’ EP was an incredibly solid debut, with first track ‘Holding Me Down’ still his most streamed track on Spotify. The EP is super-soulful, and the husk in Ryan’s voice really helps this to shine through. The electric guitar is moody and emotive throughout the tracks, and there’s definitely the hint of a country music influence there.




2017’s ‘A Winter’s Coat’ EP changes things up a bit! The second track ‘You Don’t Dance’ in particular kicks off a more upbeat sound - utilising Ryan’s falsetto, catchy backing vocals, and hand claps that’ll have your head bobbing along. It’s an instant hit, and you’ll find yourself humming it for days.




It’s only been 2 months, but we already can’t wait for Ryan’s next release. Watch this space!



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 16,846
  • Hometown: Portaferry, Northern Ireland
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Up and Coming
  • 3 Related Artists: James Bay, Paolo Nutini, Foy Vance