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(Paramore x Electric Youth) + probably more plug sockets = SKIES


The alternative Synth Rock duet SKIES was founded by Alie Cotter & Jericho Tozer, in a windy sea-side town called Kent in the UK.




The two released their first ever EP in 2015, and have already racked up an impressive 16,000 + monthly listeners. After a quiet build up, the EP bursts into life with a mix of heavy electric guitars, drums, bass, some big synths, and crystal clear vocals. If you feel like it, you can listen to If You Feel Like It down below:




I feel bad about that joke, and should feel bad... 


Moving into 2016, SKIES came out with a collection of Singles, which lead to their second EP launch in 2017. We Fear Change gave us one of the bands most popular songs - Green. I'd recommend giving this a listen too!




I'm expecting big things from this duo. Make sure you follow them on Spotify! 


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 16,264
Hometown: Kent, UK
Would fit best in a playlist called: Don't Mess With Me Yo
3 Related Artists: KYKO, The New Coast, Paramore

You can check out their artist profile here


I put a stop payment in place because no matter how I try I can only get the free version I used before I decided to upgrade the account, I paid for this for several months and still can not figure it out. Anything this difficult is not worth my time. You have hiden the link to write to you or call you.  I've had enough. It would be nice if you reimbursed me for the service I did not get. I won't hold my breath.

You have a good product. It's just hard to use or like all the rest, impossible to cancel.

John Mclachlin


I can only hope that someone at Spotify reads this.

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Hey @johnmclachlin I recommend contacting Support about this issue, you can do this via Twitter (@SpotifyCares) or on the online contact form.



I am a student and canceled my Spotify through my phone company( fido) to pay for it separately and receive the student discount (just heard about it). HOWEVER, when I went to sign up for it it says "Because you received Premium through one of our partners, you aren't eligible for this offer." I sure hope that is not true since this restriction is unacceptable . I wouldn't have signed up through my phone company if I knew I could not get the student discount afterwards. Let me know how you can fix this. 

-Long time spotify user