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(Paramore x Electric Youth) + probably more plug sockets = SKIES


The alternative Synth Rock duet SKIES was founded by Alie Cotter & Jericho Tozer, in a windy sea-side town called Kent in the UK.




The two released their first ever EP in 2015, and have already racked up an impressive 16,000 + monthly listeners. After a quiet build up, the EP bursts into life with a mix of heavy electric guitars, drums, bass, some big synths, and crystal clear vocals. If you feel like it, you can listen to If You Feel Like It down below:




I feel bad about that joke, and should feel bad... 


Moving into 2016, SKIES came out with a collection of Singles, which lead to their second EP launch in 2017. We Fear Change gave us one of the bands most popular songs - Green. I'd recommend giving this a listen too!




I'm expecting big things from this duo. Make sure you follow them on Spotify! 


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 16,264
Hometown: Kent, UK
Would fit best in a playlist called: Don't Mess With Me Yo
3 Related Artists: KYKO, The New Coast, Paramore

You can check out their artist profile here