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The Tip-Off: The Belbury Circle


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Vintage Public Relation Film Soundtracks + Radiophonic Workshop Admiration x Ghost Box Comrades = The Belbury Circle



What happens when you merge the forces of Belbury Poly and The Advisory Circle into something of a lofi left field electro supergroup?


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is The Belbury Circle. A highly unimaginative band name, but never-the-less creative combination of talents. 


The Advisory Circle is an alias of Jon Brooks, whose musical project is swamped in pastoral eeriness and sounds like the soundtrack to a creepy 1970’s children’s television show. It’s like Ronnie Hazlehurst soundtracked a series of ’Look Around You’ whilst possessed.


Jim Jupp goes by the name of Belbury Poly when creating his Broadcast-esque elevator music. Jupp is also the co-founder of Ghost Box Records, who describe themselves as a label that explores “a world of TV soundtracks, vintage electronics, folk song, psychedelia, ghostly pop, supernatural stories and folklore”. Brooks and Jupp are label-mates, hence the association and this collaboration.


First, a song from each act respectively.


I’d strongly suggest listening to ‘As The Crow Flies’ in it’s entirety by The Advisory Circle, but here’s the opener (approved by Stewart Lee for stage entrances)...




Here’s an early slice of the whimsical future-retroist sound of Belbury Poly, which brings to mind images of old chemistry textbooks, dated british television, and Delia Derbyshire in the Radiophonic Workshop...




Combining both these eccentricities produced a debut collaborative album of uniquely powerful proportions.


At the beginning of November, 'Outward Journeys' was unleashed on the world after being locked away at Ghost Box for a long time. The opening track sets the tone perfectly for the record. Listen to 'No Cat's Eyes', which evokes an almost Kraut-esque trip down eine Autobahn in a neon-lit Tron background...




Elsewhere on the majoritively instrumental album, John Foxx lends his vocal talents. The Ultravox vocalist, being something of a cult figure in the electronic music world and an influence to Gary Numan, appears on two of the album's tracks. Check out 'Forgotten Town'...




Ultimately, this is a project of two great warped minds, creating progressive music that pulses, trance-like, into the nocturnal atmospheres of late night conurbations, commuter villages and gentrified docklands of a pensive and broken Britain.


Equally futuristic and nostalgic, The Belbury Circle is an alliance that should be well and truly on your stange radar. 



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 1,839
  • Hometown: Somewhere in dated Middle England
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Radiophonic Kids TV 
  • 3 Related Artists: Pye Corner Audio, Children of Alice, The Pattern Forms