The Tip-Off: Uniform


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Noise Rock + Industrial guitars x Overheating circuit boards - any trace of relaxation = Uniform


There must be something in the water in New York. It’s making everyone furious.


It would be too easy to cast Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan as this generation’s Suicide. Admittedly, there are obvious comparisons; A two piece creating a raucous industrial-punk noise, with a lead singer that screams and cries much like he’s channeling Alan Vega. However, Uniform are creating a sound so colossal, so elephantine, that it almost puts Suicide into the realms of commercial pop.




The duo formed back in 2013, and spent time formulating their debut. ‘Perfect World’ was released via Alter Records, and it showcased their mad scientific ability to push basic electronic equipment (and the human voice) to it’s absolute limit. It was brutal, and gained the deserving attention of the underground Noise movement.




It was enough for Sacred Bones records to display their intrigue, who signed the band for their sophomore. ‘Wake In Fright’ (released in early 2017), was designed as an ugly reflection of the current world, at war with itself. Samples and field recordings depicting violence and conflict were used within their programming, as a political statement against the ensuing wars. Explosions for bass drums and gunshots for snares only added to the Herculean and boisterous effect that the duo seem to have on their listeners.


Uniform create a tremendous carpet bomb of noise. If you want something harsh, turbulent, and muscular, put this band on. They’ll make you want to break something.




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