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The Civil Wars + Johnnyswim + Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors = Vocal Few


Happy Friday everyone!


This week's Tip-Off has the potential to be your new favorite love story.


Let me introduce you to Vocal Few - an acoustic, folk-pop duo from Seattle. 


From a quick online search, I found out this husband and wife pair met at a summer camp, when they were just 15 and 16 years old! They're now married, and making incredible music to "help fund the diapers" for their growing family.


"Vocal Few decided it might be a good idea to play a show or two. So they did, and it culminated in the completion of their first Living Room Tour in July of that same year (with infant child in tow)."


Busy with a bursting music career, and the adventures of family, at least they have the ability to sing the little one's tears away! I imagine some pretty beautiful lullabies have been heard.


I don't want to give too much away - as we haven't even introduced you to a track yet. However, to fully immerse yourself in the magic of their tale, check out the biographies on their social channels (and discover the rest for yourself)! 


With the scene set, it's time to hear some.




Glittering acoustic guitars, soft twinkling piano, and rich harmonies that flow and bond together like running water. 


Vocal Few's sound perfectly spills the chemistry expected from a duo. But, without any of those sometimes anticipated 'cringe moments' that can spring to mind when you think of a couple duo. Their detailed story telling, and clever lyrical style, keep their sound contemporary in the folk world. They really let the songs do the talking.




 'The Road' is a great example of the descriptive elements to their music. 


"You were back at home you were working a job. And you were hanging out nights with your friends at the bar. You didn’t know it then but you were right where you needed to be"


It can't be easy to write lyrics that are both personal, and relatable, but their songs often seem to find this sweet middle ground.


So now that your heart's a little warmer, your headphones a little louder, and maybe even your music collection's a little bigger - I'll leave you to explore their Spotify artist profile.




Thanks for taking the time to read and listen. We hope to see you back again next week for more new discoveries.




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