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Death Metal Extremities + Latter-day Scott Walker delivery x Avant Noise = Voices


London is home to a particular breed of extreme music, challenging our perception of metal on the fringes. Voices are standard bearers for the atonal, hostile noise makers of our modern world.




It’s a complex family tree which needs following to seek the creation of this band. Voices features members with association to Akercocke, British legends in the realm of extreme metal with a cult following. Other members are part of Shrines, another Capital-based ensemble pushing the boundaries of their farthermost snowy Black and Death metal corner.


Overall, the genetic pool for Voices is incredibly fruitful, inventive, and rich. This plethora of strong relatives make for a strong metallic bloodline, making them prize pedigrees in their musical movement.




Evolution is something that they thrive on, too. ‘Petrograph’, the first track to be publicly unveiled from their forthcoming third album, showcases an almost entirely different side to the avant garde spectrum in their skewed vision of metal. Taking influence from David Sylvian’s catalogue, ‘Bisch Bosch’-era Scott Walker, and Tool’s progressive flickers, it’s unlike any other sub-breed of metal music I can attempt to describe.




They’re almost impossible to label or pin down. There’s a depth to Voices’ sound that makes them indistinguishable by comparison.


Overall, it’s brutality at it’s finest. A well-crafted noise that actually takes stance in some structure. People who believe that extreme atonality within music is just improvised is wrong; there’s a real art form to it, and Voices are quality craftsmen.


Enter the house of black light; Hear the screams.



  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 360
  • Hometown: London, UK
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Blackened & Unsettling
  • 3 Related Artists: Akercocke, Shrines, Death


You can find the band’s artist profile here.