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Nostalgia + Video Games + Show tune stylings = brentalfloss


If there’s three things the internet loves (apart from cats and memes), it’ll be nostalgia, video games, and spoof songs - something that brentalfloss is well attuned with. Rising to fame originally on YouTube, brentalfloss was one of the first YouTubers to take the video game theme and create his own unique songs. Incorporating classic video games from the NES and beyond, he creates catchy, often humorous tracks that fans of each game will totally relate to.




His ‘…with lyrics’ series has proven to be most popular. Here, he recreates the instrumental track from a game, but adds his own lyrics over the top. From Super Mario Bros, Ducktales and The Legend of Zelda among this ever-expanding repertoire, brentalfloss combines these witty, smile-inducing tunes with his own original compositions.




Away from YouTube, Brent Black has appeared in three Nostalgia Critic reviews, as well as Paw Dugan's review of Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog. You can check out his Les Miserables collaboration over here. He’s also released four albums, 2010’s What If This Cd… Had Lyrics?, the G-Rated version of this release the following year, the crowd-funded Bits of Me in 2012, and 2014’s Flossophy.




Released in 2010, his first release What If This Cd… Had Lyrics? introduced gamers to his now familiar sound. Comprising of 20 tracks, the debut offered up a number of strong tracks, including ‘Ducktales with Lyrics (Moon Theme)’, ‘Dr. Mario with Lyrics (Fever Theme)’, and ‘Zelda With Lyrics (NES - Overworld)’. Since then, his albums have evolved significantly, combining his signature cheerful, catchy and funny sound with a sleeker, more polished flair. In his latest release, Flossophy, his love of video-games is ever-present. The fan-favourite ‘…with lyrics’ tunes make a welcome return, whilst new additions steer away from this format, thus creating refreshing tunes such as ‘The Bioshock Song’.




So, if you’re a gamer, and appreciate both the retro and modern classics in equal measures, then you should definitely check out brentalfloss. Combining clever lyrics with catchy melodies, we welcome you to plug in your headphones, and game on!




Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 26,936

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Would fit best in a playlist called: Game-Spoof Extravaganza

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