The Tip-off: No Room For Giants

The Tip-off: No Room For Giants


Jet + Birdy + Haim + heaps of attitude = No Room For Giants


I hit the jackpot when I stumbled across London-based Alternative Soul Punk band No Room for Giants! They have 1,500 monthly listeners, which seems bonkers when you consider just how anthemic some of their tunes are. Some of these tracks are just yearning to have a crowd singing along.


No Room for Giants are a four-piece, fronted by singer Emily Pickering, whose powerful vocals are flawless. Backing her are Rami Chabarek on guitar, Luke Parfitt on bass, and Jack Purbrick on drums. If you're a fan of Daughter or Wolf Alice, these guys will be just your cup of (highly caffeinated) tea.


Founded in 2010, it’s obvious from the first listen that these guys have been playing together for years. Their sound is tight, loud, animated, and youthful. There’s a distinctly live energy to these recordings, and each track leaves you confident that their gigs must really be something special. And sweaty.


Right now, they’ve got one EP (2014’s King), and one single (2015’s "Kill Appeal") on Spotify. By the look of their social media accounts, that catalog is set to grow pretty soon!


"Kill Appeal" is the perfect song to put on full-blast and air guitar around the house too. Your neighbors will love you 😉




Meanwhile, piano-driven "Bag of Bones" shows their softer side. It’s hauntingly beautiful, and Pickering’s vocals really shine here. This song screams soundtrack material.




Stay tuned, 'cause this band has some real grit!


Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 1,500

Hometown: London

Would fit best in a playlist called: London Grit

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