The Tip-off: Rachel Loy

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Imagine The Cardigans * Americana - cuteness + drama = Rachel Loy.


I stumbled on Rachel Loy when I compiled a playlist around the theme “Kisses“. I was immediately impressed by her songwriting on “Give yourself a kiss“, the wide range of her voice and the natural sound of her backing band. You know there are many young women outside, playing acoustic guitar, dreaming about a career in Nashville. Usually they know three or four chords and write cute little pop-songs.


Then they are discovered by a mighty producer, who surround them with squeaking synthesizers and ice-cold EDM-beats and mangle their young voices with autotune.

This didn’t happen to Rachel Loy, because she did everything the right way. First she studied music at Berklee. Next she signed a record deal with Sony. Because Sony decided not to do a full-length album with her, she produced it herself and went on to Nashville where she became a sought-after bass player. Can anybody imagine how hard it is to conquer the studio-scene in Nashville?




With all her experience and reputation in the studio-scene she made the next step in 2011 and became a producer. Not only did she produced her next album, she also produced albums for artists like William Clark Green and Adam Hood. No wonder that she also played in big stadiums like the Dallas Cowboy’s stadium in front of 50,000 people and right after Taylor Swift.


What do I like about her music? Everything sounds so natural and handmade. A guitar, a bass, drums, a voice, sometimes keys--that’s it. It’s as if you are standing in a studio in Nashville and a few of those experienced studio-cats were gathered by a highly talented young woman to play her self-written songs. This woman doesn’t need effects, processing and editing to convince. She convinces with sheer musicality.




  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 131

  • Hometown: Austin

  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Women with skills

  • 3 Related Artists: Kacy Crowley, Adam Hood, White Hassle

Nice Tip-Off, @heartscore! I've got a bit of a soft spot in my heart for Americana and Country.


I'll have to listen to more of Rachel Loy... I've been enjoying a couple of tracks from 'Tongue And Teeth' whilst reading this.

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 Thank you @Jack It's my first Tip-off article, so I am a bit exited and happy, that everything works as expected.

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This is great @heartscore 🙂


Well done! 

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Thank you @Melody I am tempted to write more Tip-offs

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@heartscore You definitely should! Keep them coming 🙂


wow nice .