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The Tip-off: Sons of the Sea


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Incubus+ Retro Pop + That Friday Feeling = Sons of the Sea


Incubus fans, slip your mellow shoes on and engorge on a slice of pop from Sons of the Sea.


Formed in 2013 by Incubus’ lead singer Brandon Boyd along with producer and multi-instrumentalist Brendan O’Brien, the pair decided to launch into this side project after collaborating on a collection of Incubus albums. A slight departure from Incubus’ signature alternative rock sound, Sons of the Sea combines Boyd’s strong vocals with a blend of cheerful, soaring pop of the highest quality, thanks to O’Brien’s rich history of record-producing.


Their debut self-titled album was released in 2014, after finding their feet with an EP the year before. They’re currently working on a second effort, but the first album welcomes you to their sound across 10 eclectic, catchy and enticing tracks. Opener “Jet Black Crow” introduces the album perfectly, offering a cheerful pop tune that definitely borrows from the likes of The Beatles and The Beach Boys. However, to really take advantage of what they have to offer, “Lady Black” and “Come Together” are two of the stronger efforts on the album.


Incubus fans will appreciate hearing Brandon Boyd’s distinctive vocals here, but as a whole, this is something pretty different...which is a good thing, trust me! It’ll also warrant more than one listen. You’ll begin to appreciate the band’s debut a lot more after the second listen.


So, whether you’re looking to escape your Monday blues, or you just want to capture that Friday feeling, then check out Sons of the Sea. It’ll leave you with a big, cheesy-pop grin on your face.



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