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The girl next door you’d hope for + a pinch of something raw ÷ sex and parenthood = Hollie Poetry


Hollie Poetry (aka performance poet, Hollie McNish) has carved herself a cosy, quiet corner in the somewhat cluttered corridors of Spotify. Her modest monthly listener count of 142 is no true reflection of her popularity; her Youtube channel alone has racked up an impressive and well deserved 4,134,161 views. This leads me to believe that her comparatively small audience on Spotify describes the purgatorial nature of her genre, Spoken Word, which seems to be increasing in popularity by the heartbeat.


Hollie’s work centres around the collective cultural eye, focussing in particular on the relationships between sex, parenthood, gender inequality, and ignorance surrounding the female body. These topics have been neatly bound in her latest collection of poetry Nobody Told Me, which won Mcnish the prestigious 2017 Ted Hughes prize for poetry. Previous recipients of this prize include Kate Tempest, who has praised Hollie’s work and introduced her as a special guest at a few gigs.


Hollie’s one and only album on Spotify, Versus, is a 26 track, double-disk collection of her work, which was released in 2014. In some of the tracks her words are placed upon a backdrop of silence, whilst in others they mingle with music spanning from jazz to simple electronic beats. If you want to get know this artist, whether on the page, stage or screen, this is a great place to start:








What ties these tracks together is their rightly unapologetic challenging of British taboos and a welcoming insight into modern womanhood.


So if you have the time, satisfy your mind with some edifying rhymes - you won’t regret it!


  • Monthly Listeners in Spotify: 142
  • Hometown: Reading
  • Would fit best in a playlist called: Woman



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