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Hey fellow listeners,


Here we've summarized all the Tip-Offs we wrote during 2018. The Tip-Off is a blog where we pick an artist or a band with a smaller amount of monthly listeners on Spotify, and present them to you each month. Have a look :)



Cosmic synths x FKA twigs - Aquaphobia = WWWater

@Sarah_Rose discovered WWWater (real name Charlotte Adigéry) while listening to Spotify Radio, and describes the sound of a dreamy underwater universe. And she has a point: it does give the impression of a distant, behind-a-waterfall kind of sound. Check it out:




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Boom bap x gritty lyricism + northern hip-hop = Black Josh

@simonew presents Black Josh who provided him with a perfect soundtrack for unwinding at the end of a long week. "The combination of his Mancunian accent and his versatile delivery over boom bap style beats makes for an interesting lesson". It's tight, it's gritty, and it comes in a bag of hard honesty:




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King Crimson-esque Acid Jazz + Grizzly Female Vocals + Angelic Lullabies = Rolo Tomassi

@Lee found Rolo Tomassi in an interesting way. He picked two completely different musicians, and tried to get from one to the other using only related artists on Spotify (he usually does that apparently - try it out ^^). He summarizes Rolo Tomassi's music as "getting slapped around the face with one hand while being gently caressed on the cheek by the other, in the most enjoyable sense".

Sounds like tough love to me, but you can hear why with this multi-layered track:




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Ntjam Rosie + Jesse Boykins III + Miles Bonny = Joya Mooi 

@Melody had trouble categorizing Joya Mooi, and you start to understand why the more you listen to her music. She's able to offer Jazz music that's solely instrumental on the one hand, and an electronic vocal experience on the other. It's undoubtedly difficult to choose one song to represent her musical scope, so make sure to check out her other stuff:




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South London x Moses Boyd + A sprinkle of spiritualism - Coffee shop jazz = Ruby Rushton

@Sarah_Rose had a little something in mind when choosing Ruby Rushton. "Seamlessly weaving jazz, soul, afro-beat and electronic music, Ruby Rushton’s musical knot is tied by Ed Cawthorne’s (Tenderlonious) electrifying freestyled flute solos". Their music harmoniously incorporates the flute, saxophone, piano, bass and percussions to produce a very filling sound where all the pieces colorfully fall into place: 




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Saint Raymond x Tom Grennan + dash of falsetto = Julius Cowdrey

@Chris had stumbled upon Julius Cowdrey back in 2017, but the airy backing vocals and strong lyrics were so impressive that he just had to include him in the Tip-Off for June, 2018. Have a listen: 




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The Moldy Peaches + First Aid Kit + a little dose of vulnerability = Olive James

@Natalie presents Olive James  (Jake Etheridge and Olivia Rudeen), a folk-pop duo who individually can warm you up in a chilly autumn evening, and put together can take you away to another place and time:




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Papier-mâché head + comic covers roster + a posthumous motion picture = Frank Sidebottom

If you want to find a combination of mock music covers, unusual outer appearance, and parodies overall, @Jack's got you covered. With Frank Sidebottom, it's obvious that even the most open mind judges a book by its cover (or in this case album cover, which is comprised of a little fella with a papier-mâché head). If you don't like it, it's probably because you've not prepared for it properly. Let's see if that's the case with this Christmas cover:




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While we didn't publish any Tip-Offs from September onward, we do have a few more artists who we think deserve to be tipped off. Here are a few that @Katerina and I came up with.


Romance in Coachella + Imagine Dragons vibe = LUNDØN

@Katerina really enjoyed LUNDØN's dynamic single You & Me. A romantic story for those lonely days. Check it out:




Monthly listeners: 507


Klezmer magnified + hard riffs - Kippahs = Subterranean Masquerade

A band I've followed for a while, but are less known in the Metal scene. Based in Israel, Subterranean Masquerade fuse progressive metal with sounds from the East, and incorporate a Gothic singing style. Some say overwhelming, I say lasagna pizza soup (yum yum):




Monthly listeners: 1,061


Finnish solitude + Amorphis dramatised + a soar throat = Barren Earth

Another Progressive Metal band (surprise), Barren Earth is comprised of members from other bands, each drawing influence from their respective groups to produce folky, fast-paced metal. Every track is seemingly climbing somewhere: up, down, diagonally, sideways, and finally underground. Have a look:




Monthly listeners: 9,470


That wraps up 2018. We believe it's great that music comes in different, even obscure forms, and that there's an audience for each category made up of people with different backgrounds and ways of perceiving the world. There's always so much more to explore, and we hope the Tip-Offs gave you some new musical insights as they did for us. 


Seeya around! :) 

  • I feel that although the price has gone up the quality of the selection has gone down neither do I remember being notified of the increase in price.

I'm a new subscriber, but considering leaving.  I just found out that Spotify is blocking PragerU from advertizing new adds with them. Ridiculous, PragerU is an incredible company that is not even political, should not block company's from advertizing! ITS NOT the american way...


I wholeheartedly agree with releet. Spotify shouldn't be in the censorship business. It is shortsighted, foolish and futile to try and silence a voice like Dennis Prager.


I would dissent with equal veracity if they tried to silence voices on the left, no matter how much I disagree with the idealogy. Spotify has joined other popular social media platforms with their ill-advised attempt to silence voices they disagree with. It exposes what has unfortunately become a typical leftist authoritarian trend.


Unless Spotify reconsiders their strategy to serve only like-minded leftists, they will lose far more than my mere subscription.