Top Contributors Review - March 2015

Community Manager
Community Manager




Time to look at the top Rising Stars and Rock Stars for the month of February. We have lots of new folks in the list--welcome to the team!



Soundofus National Tour
New Avatar2.png
Marco Gold Streaming Artist
Daniel Platinum Streaming Artist
OviiiOne Festival Headliner
MattSuda Multiple Award Winner
Jordi Festival Headliner
JoeThomas Number One Hit
Anthony Music Award Nominee
ErickRGuetta Have Fans Will Travel
Amarro Number One Hit



I've got to say, you guys are going to clean up this month. You get not one, not two, but three prizes.  A huge beach ball (no really it's half the size of me), a gray Spotify shirt, and a set of 3 Spotify ping pong balls. And this is not an April Fools joke--you're really getting all three!


If you're already planning your summer barbeque with a Spotify theme don't worry, we are too! 


gray shirt.jpgping pong balls.jpgbeachball.jpg




DannyFL Rising Star
Fred National Tour
Depeche Mode – Boys Don't Cry.jpg
Matheus-007 Rising Star
kbrooksc Gold Streaming Artist
Josh Gold Streaming Artist
MichaelW World Tour
Aznfoo Label Star
Erkan_Yilmaz Label Star
Captura de pantalla 2014-06-30 a la(s) 18.01.42.png
eElizalde86 Label Star
PeterMuc Rising Star

If you're new to the Rock Star Program and haven't sent me your address and t-shirt size in a private message please do so today.


Thanks for all you do guys. And have an awesome April!



 Want to be involved in the Spotify Community Rock Star Program? Check out our pdf here for more info...



Rock Star 28
Rock Star 28

Cool prizes! :D
Great work everyone!

Community Legend

Great! I want to see the ball...


Congrats everyone!

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Congrats everyone! Well deserved, keep it up! 

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Finally we see someone else than me on list. Enjoy.


I have no interests to contribute here much nowadays, as I think there is too much posts to follow. A really plenty of posts every day. Just go and hit make all read and in day tons of new again...


I will still visit here and help when I have motivation.


But for now enjoy your prices!


Greetz ;)

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

Thanks :)


Rock Star 9
Rock Star 9

Congrats everybody!

Rock Star 24
Rock Star 24

Honest God spotify.  PLEEEEEASE stop making **bleep**ty updates.  I couldn't find any place to write this.  WHY WHY WHYYYY do you follow the "itunes" model.


Stop making cool updates just for the sake of making cool updates.  I get accustomed to certain functionality like, "double-clicking the song" to find it on the playlist.  And every other update, that stops working.  PLEASE PLEASE PLEASSSSSE.  If ain't broke don't fix it.


Moreover, if it's AWESOME.  There's nothing to fix.


Ok, I'm done.  I still love you, you revolutionalized music listening.  But really, f*ck itunes and what they "set," mindless, aimless updates.  It has a very "pulling the rug from under" you affect, when many key features are no longer there.


That is all. Peace.

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Congrats all! Cool set of prizes, and a nice thing for me to pause on whilst I do my GCSEs. I'll be active again once they're finished, so I'll see you all again in June! :)



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Thanks! And this is what the beach ball look like:)  And the T. 



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OMG! It's giant! I didn't receive it yet...

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Yeah @OviiiOne , it took some time filling it up! Only had a small air pump, went to the store and bought a bigger...still took like ten minutes to fill it. That took care of my workout for the day ;) 

Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

 Got it this morning. Inspiring :)




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Congrats everyone and thank you very much!! :D this ball is soooo huge *_* :D

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I reived the price today, the ball is enormous...


Excellent!  I love it so much!

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You can see that ball miles away...

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Super excited to see this!! Been trying to be more active lately! Looking forward to a great summer with the Spotify team!