Top Contributors Review - November 2013

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Community Manager

Peter Musical Legend
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Liam Music Award Nominee
Anthony Festival Headliner
josh77 Rising Star
hpguru Gold Streaming Artist
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Christoffer Rising Star
MichaelJerzak National Tour



And one more special mention...



One of our new Rising Stars dinomight caught our attention with his super helpful posts. Congrats to you and all the other rising stars that made their first contribution review top 10. Soon we'll need a top 20! In any case,





This month you get to choose your reward: Pens, Concert Plugs, or an iPhone case. Three options, you can pick two. Post which rewards you want and we'll get them in the mail shortly. Also, all of you can check your community inbox for another surprise. Congrats, everyone!


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Thanks guys! 🙂


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Congratuations everyone! 

Big shout out to the new Rising Stars in the top 10 - great work guys! 


Just wondering, what iPhone are the cases for?



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No iPhone here, so pens and plugs for me please 🙂


Thanks for the other thing @Rorey !


Well done all 🙂

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Woho Top 10! 🙂


Thanks alot! iPhone case and plugs for me please 🙂


Thank you also @Rorey!

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Pens and plugs for me too please. Thanks and well done Josh, Christoffer and everyone 🙂

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Congrats guys. Well done and well deserved

Not applicable

I'm Android man so I choose pen and plugs. Or just two pens if possible.

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Congratulations all! 🙂

For me pens and plugs please. Thanks! 😉

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Congrats Everyone! :D Wondering the same as Peter, what iPhone is the case for? I'm on a 4S so checking before I get one for a 5(C/S)! Anthony 🙂
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YAY!!! 🙂 I'm wondering the same thing, what iPhone can use the case for? But I think the iPhone case, and pens for me 🙂 


iPhone case and Pens 😄 Congratulations Everyone 🙂

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@MichaelJerzak @Josh @Taylor @Christoffer  @Peter__ We have cases for 4G/4S and 5G so just let me know which one you need and I'll send the correct size. 


@Christoffer @dinomight @Josh Would y'all mind sending your addresses to me in a private message so we can send you your gifts? 


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In that case, can I have a pen and a case for my iPhone 4S? 😄 


Thanks @Rorey !



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Iphone 5 case for me then, thanks!


Sending address info in a private message.


iPhone 4 case and pens for me

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Cool, I'll opt for an iPhone 4S case and pen(s) please!

Thanks 😄

And congrats again everyone!

Anthony 🙂

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@MichaelJerzak 4G/4S or 5G? 

Rock Star 10
Rock Star 10

Thanks for the special mention, and congrats to everyone! Pens and plugs for me, since I'm also on Android. I'll send my address right now  @Rorey . Thanks again!


@Rorey 4g 

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When was the iPhone 4G released? Never heard of it 😛




I think he meant iPhone 4