Top Contributors Review - October 2013





Hey everyone!


It's time to announce this month's top contributors in the Community. So, without further ado.


1. Peter - well done on taking the top spot yet again!


2. jwylot


3. Liam


4. Premify


5. Anthony


6. MichaelJerzak


7. hpguru


8. thehidd


9. Rollo_


And one more special mention...


katsumii - hello and welcome! We love seeing new people in the Community getting really involved in fun threads, like the shortest and longest


This month is our swag month and we're happy to announce some of the new brand merchandise is in! This month's rewards are new Spotify branded tote bags and lanyards, as well as sunglasses. If any of you already have sungless, let us know and we'll PM you an alternative reward. We hope to be getting even cooler stuff in next month.


In the meantime, we'll be packing these bad boys up.





Thanks guys! :)

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Congratulations everyone :D 


I already have sunglasses but a white pair would be epic to add to my collection! :) 





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Rock Star 28

Good job everyone and welcome katsumii! :)


About the rewards: I already have Spotify sunglasses and the black tote bag. Guess the day has come where I already have all possible Spotify merchandise hehe. But maybe you can PM me something I don't have yet :D

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I lost my lanyard (and my 3 pendrives which were attached to it, including a spotify one...) so would love one of them :) I do have sunglasses though, and a bag... However, if there's any more pen drives going, I could really do with one! Thanks for the goods ;) Liam
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Thanks need these. Send all you have.


I use already very often my wite Spotify bag as shopping bag. I need really another. You can use these overw, over, over and over again as shopping bag and you can save your money.


And so thanks and listen my fav song from Planet Punk Music.


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Congrats Everyone, and welcome Katsumii! :D I think I know what I want, however I already have the sunglasses so if I could get a PM with the other thing that would be good, just to make sure that the other thing isn't more epic than what's already on offer! Anthony

Hi, well, thank you for the friendly welcome, Richard, Premify, and Anthony!! Wow - hey, this is pretty cool! Congrats to everyone else as well =)


What is this about pen drives (Liam mentioned)? 


I will PM you my address... :)

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