Urbanears Speakers Join RSP Prize List


The Spotify Rock Star Program is teaming up with Urbanears again to give our Rock Stars great rewards


Now Stars in our program can earn both the loud and mighty Baggen and the neat and powerful Stammen speaker for their homes. 


Urbanears Connected Speakers are engineered to bring boundless connectivity and powerful sound to the multi-room listening experience. Packed with advanced Wi-Fi technology, Urbanears Connected Speakers give users the freedom to play their favorite music from a variety of sources.





With Urbanears however you play, this speaker is up for it:

  • Save your favorite Spotify playlists as presets (Premium users only).
  • Stream from the cloud or hook up the turntable.
  • Stream from Spotify Connect, Airplay, or Chromecast built-in, connect via Bluetooth, or use the classic aux cord hook-up. 
  • Keep a range of moods on standby and pep up or chill down your space at the push of a knob.
  • Combine two or more speakers to form a multi-room audio system and create a customized soundscape in your favorite space. 

Maybe add, for more information on the speakers please visit www.urbanears.com/speakers




Urbanears is also sponsoring eight pairs of Plattan 2 headphones with the Spotify Rock Star Program. 


Plattan 2 is the grown-up version of an Urbanears classic, upgraded to deliver a next-level experience in sound and ergonomics. With these headphones you will enjoy:

  •  A 3D Hinge for impressive flexibility.plattan grey.png
  • Extra isolating ear cushions.
  • Clear, well-defined sound.
  • Built-in mic/remote so you can pick up calls and skip between tracks without missing a beat.
  • Music-sharing ZoundPlug. 


"Plattan has been upgraded some 50 times since 2009, yet none of those upgrades were big enough to name it Plattan 2--until now," said Oscar Axhede, co-founder and creative director of Urbanears. 
Rock Star Points values will be announced soon.


Spotify users in the Spotify Rock Star Program can earn points for their contributions on the @AskRockStars Twitter handle and the Spotify Community. If you're interested in getting involved with the Rock Star Program, check out our post here



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Wow, now I'm torn on what to gather points for haha


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Rock Star 11

Nice, I read a review for them! Guess we'll have to spend a lot of points for those ; )

@meahtenoha you've missed one "w" in www.urbanears.com/speakers