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Rock Star 17
Rock Star 17

Caleb Zackery a.k.a Don Toliver is a young and upcoming rapper, singer-songwriter representing the upcoming trap scene of Houston, Texas.


As Toliver gained recognition not long ago, releasing his first mixtape back in 2018  and being featured on Travis Scott's highly successful album, he was up for grabs with his single released mid-2019.


Collaborating with some of the biggest names in the industry like Migos, Eminem, The Weeknd and Sheck Wes, he finally joined Travis Scott and Sheck Wes to form "Jackboys" - a rap trio signed under Cactus Jack (Travis's record label).


Toliver wasn't late to release his first full LP this week called "Heaven Or Hell" being his first-ever released album and the second massive production under "Cactus Jack".


Toliver holds common ground for both R&B and Trap lovers making sure to provide a mild use of the "infamous" auto-tune while totally maintaining the impact and powerful trap vibe to its songs.


Favorite tracks:

Euphoria, Cardigan, Had Enough


First listen provides a 10 out 10 experience (opinion only):