[Weekly Album Review] 10 Out Of 10 Albums

[Weekly Album Review] 10 Out Of 10 Albums

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Lotti Golden feels somewhat an undiscovered, not so popular and a rapid journey musical phenomenon when it comes to what the new generation likes to call "Oldies".


Golden, an American singer-songwriter, producer and magnificent poet with undeniable personal musical abilities, had claimed recognition and won several music awards for her unique production "bridging the gap" between genres like electronic and hip-hop in times where genres were a sacred thing.


Taking us back to 1969, Golden (24 years old at that time), had released her debut album "Motor-Cycle" through the historic and still highly active Atlantic Records. This release had gotten a wide media coverage and was mentioned in a few notable music magazines detailing Golden's poetry and composing ability as not less than mind blowing and powerful.


As part of her journey in Atlantic records and following her freshly released album, it seems like Golden was the type of artist who just wanted to create rather than also having to deal with the management and marketing essence of things.


In my own opinion, Golden wasn't able to change her perspective regarding the more "business" side of things which prevented her work from reaching a wider audience and somehow "blocked" her creating abilities.


She released only two official LP's in two years – "Motor-Cycle" in 1969 and her self-titled album "Lotti Golden" in 1971 following a few EP's later on.


It's important to mention I encountered Golden's album on a mission to reveal all of the Atlantic records artists between the years 1940-1970.


I was already intrigued by the first track "Motor-Cycle Michael" which opens up a wonderful end of 60's piano jazz-blues and background drums sounds accompanied by Golden's magical voice (can easily remind Janis Joplin to some of us).


This led to my second favorite track on the album called "A Lot Like Lucifer (Celia Said Long Time Loser)".


This track, surprisingly, starts with a set of acoustic chords and the slightly echoed voice of Golden, straight to a more Frank Sinatra 1950's piano playing and dramatic drumming and leads to this groovy, funky rock'n'roll magical atmosphere.


I can easily nominate a bunch of reasons behind this album being my new and favorite "Oldies" categorized album.


The main reason would be the eclectic abilities of Lotti Golden to manage and again "bridge the gap" between genres like Rock'N'Roll, Electro, Funk, Jazz, Blues, R&B all in one track or one album for this matter.


Favorite tracks:

  • Motor-Cycle Micheal
  • A Lot Like Lucifer (Celia Said Long Time Loser)
  • Get Together (With Yourself)

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