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Music Blogs

What Does Music Mean To You?


What Does Music Mean To You?


Music means so much to so many, and so it’s rather a large question we’ve taken on asking today.

“What does music mean to you?”.

I personally believe that music is one of the deepest forms of connection there is. When you can’t find the words, there’s music. When you can find the words, there’s music, and when you want to sing the words, there’s music. We watch babies clap, babble and dance to music before they learn much else, and I believe everyone has an experience, if not multiple, where music was the only thing they needed in a certain moment. 


Music connects us, music makes us similar, and music and our musical tastes also make us different. It’s so hugely personal yet universal so how do you answer “What does music mean to you?”.


Here’s a few people who took on that task!


First up is Spotify Star and music enthusiast: @Soundofus 

“As far back as I can remember, Music has always been a major part of my life. It plays so many important roles for me such as bringing back emotional memories, and highlighting mixed feelings such as joy, sadness and pleasure. Music really magnifies 'visceral sensations' in me, taking control of my body and making me feel like part of something primal, reacting to sound.


Being… not that young, I have a long musical background made from so many different kinds of music. From singing as a choir boy when I was a little kid, participating in the explosion of a new generation (led by The Beatles and The Rolling Stones) as a teenager, to now dedicating my time to discovering new artists. 




All these steps in my life still deeply live within me, through the emotions and memories that come back here and there when I’m listening to different songs. They can be happy or sad memories, maybe the souvenir of a particular person I met and loved at one time, linked to a specific song -- Music is the best way to not forget anything from our past. For me there is no nostalgia, no regret, and surely no rejection of what could happen at any particular moment. The pleasure of listening to old songs is always present, and I could name several hundreds of songs and the events related to them. 




Music keeps me open minded, being a bridge between different generations. Nothing evokes more emotions than seeing my sons listening, appreciating and discussing tracks from my youth or them making me discover and like Music of ‘their time’. 



I should also talk about the 'visceral sensations' I mentioned, that I feel so strongly during live concerts too. These sensations are magnified when we are part of a crowd, reacting to a show by dancing, yelling or singing in unison -- Best goosebumps I ever got.



I could talk for hours about people around the world that Music has helped me to meet, connected me to virtually or in person. That's why I will conclude with these simple words : "For me, Music is also Sharing." 

Next up we have our very own @OurPodfather from the Community Team!


“Music is everything to me. As a 38-year-old Scottish guy, I've had the chance to experience music in all kinds of ways. From promoting and DJing at nightclubs, to jamming out at concerts, and just chillin' at home listening to my favorite tunes, music has always been a huge source of inspiration, happiness, and emotional release for me.




Growing up in Glasgow, Scotland exposed me to a ton of different types of music. I've always had a love for all kinds of music, but it only grew when I started working as a nightclub promoter and DJ in Glasgow. I had the opportunity to work with some amazing talent in the industry and learned a lot about how to create a killer atmosphere through music. I still have some pretty sweet memories from those nights working in the clubs, and the energy created by the music was always next level.




One of my favorite things about music is how it can bring back memories. Sometimes a certain song will transport me back to a specific moment in my life, and all the feelings from that moment come flooding back. It's like a time machine that can take me back to the past and relive those memories. For example, just hearing a Deadmau5 track reminds me of all the good times I had at the Arches, a venue just a few miles from my home. I spent hours dancing and drinking cheap beer, and the memories always make me smile.



But to me, music is more than just a collection of sounds. It's a powerful thing that can bring people together, create memories, and evoke emotions. It's a universal language that can speak to the soul, regardless of where you're from or what your background is. I'm always blown away by how music can break down boundaries and bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together. 



All in all, music is everything to me. It's been a constant companion throughout my life, and I can't imagine a world without it. It's a source of joy, inspiration, and emotional release, and I'm forever grateful for the role it's played in my life.”

And finally, we have the wonderful @AlejaR  from the Moderation Team!


Music is one of my earliest memories. When my mom was pregnant, she deeply believed that the music she was listening to would affect my understanding of the world I was about to experience. Either her theory was right or wrong, I think this is the perfect example of how humans find music as a whole way to communicate emotions. I do remember how my father used to listen to Hotel California on hot Sunday afternoons, and how calm he was when he was listening to it. I also remember how my grandma used to hum when she was sewing, and in her own words, it really helped her to focus and do her job better. Certainly, I can recall how my brother played the guitar to wake me up and start our Saturdays, because that way he could start his day with a lot of energy. I have hundreds of examples of how people around me connect to music.




I chose to pursue the path of languages in my life, but I never left music aside. I fell in love with the piano in my teenage years and nothing makes me feel so peaceful as playing or hearing the piano. When I’m frustrated, sad or angry, the piano is the instrument which helps me (and reminds me) that everything passes. I did try playing the guitar, my brother attempted to teach me, and I even explored a bunch of typical instruments from my country (like the bandola), but piano was always my favorite. I did enjoy my time playing the Tambora, that was a very exciting experience. Either if you play an instrument or not, music has the capacity to let you experience your emotions at a deeper level.



I’m amazed at how nowadays we have all the music in the world available to explore and listen to it in a loop. I did inherit my brother’s and father’s tastes in rock music, so I’m kind of a rockhead at heart, but I also enjoy some more traditional music from my country, Colombia. In any case, I do appreciate all the layers and different genres I was exposed to, because now I can feel with salsa, and vallenato, but also with jazz and heavy metal.





Similarly to my grandma, I find music a point of focus. It helps me to work, study, write, reflect on myself and do my daily routines. And to me, with no doubt, and above all things, music is a language. It helps us to find a way to understand our feelings and to explain them to others. Sometimes words are not enough to express the set of emotions we could feel at once. You can feel “happy-cozy-calm” and even if in general terms one is happy, it’s not enough to really explain if you’re experiencing something above happiness and there’s no such a word as “happozy”. Even if some languages make an effort to create the words to describe feelings you don’t even know exist, nothing is as universal as music. So, how do I dare to explain what music means to me when it’s so universal? Maybe I can try: music is everything. 




So with that, we ask the question and invite you to comment below, what does music mean to you?


Many thanks to @Melody for initiating this blog-post. I hope we will have many people answering with their point of view because our main concern, using Spotify and it's Community should be, before anything else, MUSIC... 🙂

This is wonderful! So cool to hear about the role music plays in our life stories. 

Thanks for sharing!


Interesting, I haven't really thought of music like that.


Music is an art form that has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions, thoughts, and memories in people. It can be used to express oneself, tell a story, or simply provide entertainment.


Music can be a powerful tool for self-expression and creativity. It has the ability to convey complex emotions and ideas in a way that words alone cannot. It can also be used as a form of therapy, helping people to process their feelings and emotions.


Music also has the power to bring people together, fostering a sense of community and belonging. Whether it's sharing a favorite song with a friend or dancing to a beat at a concert, music has the ability to unite people from all walks of life.


Music also has the ability to transport people to another time and place, evoking memories and nostalgia. It can be a powerful reminder of the past, and a source of comfort and solace in difficult times.


In short, music is a powerful and universal language that can be used to communicate, express, and connect with others. It has the ability to evoke a wide range of emotions and can be used in many different ways.

BabyEcho0_YT, what i think is that spotify is there even spotify is down and your playlist is always playing in your head and can bring you to your happy place when your tracks are playing


Great blog post, @Melody!


I’d say that to me, music provides a wonderful hobby. Discovering songs that I like and listening to them, adding these songs to playlists on Spotify, and occasionally going to concerts by artists that I like are all things that I find to be quite enjoyable to do.


I’m not sure why certain tracks bring about a sense of appreciation when I hear them—yet there is lots of music that somehow resonates with me, such that I feel more relaxed, uplifted, mentally engaged, or otherwise am brought into a nice mood or state of mind upon listening to it.


I could likely point to certain moments in tracks that I listen to often that I always seem to look forward to hearing, or a particular timbre of an instrument that I think sounds amazing, or a guitar solo that brings an element of dynamic energy to the song, or a cool rhythmic pattern, etc.; but I would guess that there are many factors responsible for songs being enjoyable for me to hear.


Regardless of why music can sound so awesome, I’m grateful that the artists I listen to have spent so much time creating it, so that fans such as myself are able to appreciate their work.




This post is too beautiful 👏👏👏! Music for me represents my essence, I live music 24 hours a day since I was a child. I remember that when I got home from school, I spent the whole day listening to my parents' records. And from that age I already knew that I would live music my whole life. In short, music has been my life ever since. 

One of the many things that music means to me is that I trust it as a mechanism by which I can access my true emotions. Music cuts through my facade and my real, raw feelings and emotions are unearthed. If I’m subconsciously sad, mad, fearful, happy, proud, desperate, fulfilled, anything- I’ll be aware of those emotions and feel them freely through the appropriate song. It’s therapeutic and honest, has no agenda, and ultimately saves me from sabotaging myself through non-acknowledgment. #truthserum


Music is your Muse...

  • inspiring to create
  • motivating to act
  • influencing your mood
  • helping to change your thoughts, overcome fears.

No words are needed, even few sounds can "muse" you.


I think everyone has already put it beautifully into words what music means and I agree with it all. 🙂


I would just like to add that for me music is my best friend. Music is always there for me and it gets me through the good times and the bad times and it helps with my anxiety and mental health.


Music means the world to me!!


At least for me Melody, music calms me down, lifts me up and always makes me feel a certain way 😎 🎧 🎶

Like this one!


Music is the translation of certain feelings when there are no words to describe them, people who can relate to those feelings unite and listen or sing and dance within that atmosphere. I wake up playing music and go to sleep in a vibe where I feel exhilarated by the movement which comes along with it. What I do isn’t for sale or can be traded for any money.




 I think Art can tell more than words since our brain processes images 60000 faster than words


its something that takes me to my happy place. even during hard exams in school, or when im having personal troubles, i just start bopping along to songs i like in my head and it makes me feel calm. pretty nifty


the art of producing pleasing or expressive combinations of tones especially with melody, rhythm, and usually harmony


Awesome post! 


Completely missed this before, what a lovely blog! Music is really that one steady thing that’s always there — it helps me through all times, happy moments and moments I need some comfort. Music means a lot to me and the world would not be the same without it. 💚


Music is like a magical potion that makes your body want to move and groove. It's like a language that doesn't use words, but instead, it speaks straight to your soul. It's a combination of sounds that come together to create a delicious musical sandwich for your ears. It's like a rainbow that tickles your eardrums and makes you feel all sorts of emotions. Basically, music is like a really cool friend that's always there to lift you up and make you feel good.


I am not good in any form of art things and cannot play any instrument decently. Yet when listening to music or songs here more and more, I feel I can be in touch with singers, composers or writers' feelings, values, hidden emotions, and visions. Just like I discover part of inner me from artists' music. So music let me focus, let me be conscious and let me be connected.


Still expects much more findings.