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What The Stars Are Listening To 2019 : #01


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Happy New Year Spotify Community and let's not forget the rest of the world!


The start of the new year gives us the opportunity to bring back to you our famous blog: What The Stars Are Listening To.


We asked Rock Stars to send us 2 or 3 tracks of their choice with some words for each one.


It's time now to listen (and read) their first offering for 2019.


What The Stars Are Listening To 2019 : #01


@Jpgchief (Rockstar)

● The Cat Empire - Sola

"I Love this band, and this song mixing spanish and english and obviously the mixed genres too."


● Orchestra Of Spheres - Foggy Day

"I love this tune, so calm and relaxing you can imagine the foggy day even when isn't the case."


@Stereochromatic (Rockstar)

● Stray Kids - Get Cool

"I've been on a bit of a Stray Kids listening binge lately, and this is a track from their latest album I really like! This is a chill but cheerful track which is mostly about just taking things easy and enjoying the current moment."


● Arkells - Hand Me Downs

"The Arkells' new album Rally Cry is a super good example of the Canadian rock scene, and Hand Me Downs is of no exception. It's an inspirational song about moving past your genes and perhaps even embracing them, and it's also just a great jam."


@Mantisentil (Rockstar)

● Wild Beasts - We Still Got The Taste Dancin' On Our Tongues

"This song is about coarse hot blooded youth, class warfare and sex from the recently disbanded alternative rock band Wild Beasts."


● No Clear Mind - Nuclear Mind

"Song by Greek post-rock band No Clear Mind. The song of finding yourself and learning to fly."


@Sebasty (Rockstar)

● Culprate - Yin

"This track takes you on a journey through various soundscapes and intricate breaks, gradually speeding up, expanding into an awesome climax and then caressing with a beautiful, stunning, ethereal melody at the end."


● CVLNRST - Palm Reader

"Some sweet bass music with grimy low frequency from Renraku artist roster !"


● Enoch Light - Temptation

"This cool little tune was found by Amon Tobin in one of these dusty old record shops no-one else knows about, and he decided to sample it in his track called Nightlife."


@LeoRager (Rockstar)

● Travis Scott - Butterfly Effect

"Even though it was released a while ago, I haven't stopped listening to this song. Probably because the beats are really nice."


● Cookie Jar - The Hype

"I've been studying a lot lately and this song makes my day everytime it pops up in my study playlist."


● A Boogie Wit da Hoodie feat. 6ix9ine - Swervin

"This last song just recently got released in a Boogie Wit da Hoodie’s new album : Hoodie SZN. The whole album is really great, but this song in particular stood out to me, for the chill flow."


@Soundofus (Rockstar)

● Frank Zappa, The Mothers Of Invention - Plastic People

"Zappa's music has often been difficult to categorize. What was always obvious is his nonconformism, his virtuosity as a musician and his love for sounds experimentation. This track is a satire of American culture."


● The Doors - The End

"Since I listened The Doors for the first time, long time ago, I have always been fascinated by Jim Morrison as performer. As living close to Paris, I often take foreign friends for visiting his grave in the "Père Lachaise" cemetary. This track, is also an unforgettable part of the soundtrack of one of my cult movie : Apocalypse Now."


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