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What The Stars Are Listening To 2019 : #02

Our Community Rock Stars can submit blog posts to be published on the Spotify Community Blog


Time flies so fast. With February comes the return of our famous blog: What The Stars Are Listening Too.


We asked Rock Stars to send us 2 or 3 tracks of their choice with some words for each one.


It's time now to listen (and read) their second offering for 2019.


What The Stars Are Listening To 2019 : #02


@Keanu_C (Rockstar)

● Zac Brown Band - Someone I use to know

"Zac Brown Band is known for creating a cross genre mix of music between Country, Bluegrass, and Rock. If you are looking for a good song look no further!! The Zac Brown Band wrote Someone I Used To Know which tells you a story about a story of optimism and healing and how critical it is to ask for help during times of need."




● Ryan Hurd - To A T

"Ryan Hurd, a Country music artist from Michigan, married a fellow artist Maren Morris. Together, they collaborated to write the song, To a Ti>. The song tells a story about romance that shows true love from couples."




● Three Dog Night - Joy To The World

"Who ever had that moment when they wanted to go down memory lane and listen to songs that their parents introduced them to? Well from my childhood my parents played the song Joy to the World by the Three Dot Night. A little interesting info about the music sensation is that this song was intentionally made for a TV special but it never aired. That was ok for Hoyt because he never finished writing it until he gained help from the Three Dot Night to create this music sensation."




@LeoRager (Rockstar)

● M. Smuv - Goa

"What I love most about this song is how it manages to keep the relaxing vibe of lo-fi beats, but giving it a spin by making it more exciting. It's a very short song, but nonetheless it deserves to be on my Top 3 songs of the month. Good job Made In M!"




@Jpgchief (Rockstar)

● Mark Deutrom - Futurist Manifesto

"I love to listen to this song in the morning before I start my day. In some way, It gives me all the vibes that I need to keep my motor running the whole day."




● Married Man - Nowhere

"This track is pretty sad, but I love also listening to this kind of songs (I'm not sure why; because it's not the way I'm, but I really enjoy it)."




@Sebasty (Rockstar)

● The Widdler - Outlaws

"This is a tune with a scent so Western that you gotta be careful not to inhale too much sand dust and cigarette smoke. What makes it different from other similarly themed songs is that well-crafted bass and rhythm. (The Widdler creates dubstep and bass music since the age of 10.)"




● Ital Tek - Sanctum

"Taken through the gate of floating bits of debris, the listener will find a garden, empty and beautiful, perfect for an introspective journey. (Low-pace sub-bass journey with ethereal elements.)"




● Ascent - Kin

"Monolithic and truly intimidating sound! Appropriate soundtrack for approaching a huge strange alien landscape - skin crawls, legs become tensed up, but you want to see more of it."




@user-removed (Rockstar)

● dodie - Monster

"To me, Monster by dodie is one of the best songs from her new EP, Human. The harmonic tone of it and layering of voices in the second half provide a breath of fresh air and compounding emotion."




● Alessia Cara - 7 Days

"7 Days by Alessia Cara not only is a great song to bop to while helping out on AskRockStars, but as someone who is studying theology, I find the questions the song poses quite interesting and refreshing instead of your stereotypical love pop song."




@Soundofus (Rockstar)

● King Crimson - 21st Century Schizoid Man

"One of the most played record of my collection of vinyl albums is the 1969 cult album : In The Court of the Crimson King, debut LP by the English Progressive Rock band King Crimson. Until 3 weeks ago, none of the original tracks were available on Spotify. Here is now, in a single edit version, the opening song of this unforgettable release."




● King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Crumbling Castle

"Known for their prolific recording output, as well as for their energetic live performances, the Australian band is a short cut of everything I like in Music : talented musicians playing real instruments -- creative and eclectic composers -- modern without disavow the past -- close to fans artists."




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