What The Stars Are Listening To December 2017

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Hey everyone, and welcome!

It's been that time of year again, where the Christmas trees get decorated, and Christmas meals are served. Everyone's in a jolly mood, and the festive music is still ringing in our ears.

So, before we get fully into the swing of January, here's our musical Christmas menu:


In this end of year special, our Stars have handpicked a selection of fresh meals, that all excel in flavour. Prepare your forks and knives, because this playlist contains it all.





To kick off my reccomandation of the top three meals, I would like to start with a banger. This amazing song, chosen by our lovely master chef @ItsPugle comes straight from Australia, where rapper "360" will have a green and warm Christmas. Here it is: Yesterday, by 360 and Hein Cooper.





Main Course:

As a main course, I will recommend you one of the best meals on this menu, served to you by our amazing @julian_L. The name of his meal is "Brand New" by the american singer and songwriter Ben Rector. I don't really listen much to pop rock, but this song definetely made me open my mind to other genres.







To finish off sweet, I would propose a song from a known artist, namely MYRNE. Straight from the kitchen of our amazing chef @IguanaSetup I present to you "Confessions". You'll love this sweet, crunchy dessert. 





Thanks for checking out our gourmet selection of goodies. I hope you liked it, have a merry Christmas if you're still celebrating - and a happy New Year to all!

This has been Leo, and I'm signing off! 

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Loved it! :)

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Thumbs up!

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Great blog! @LeoRager