What The Stars Are Listening To

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a week ago

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You guessed it! It's time to share the tunes that have amazed our Rock Stars for the very first installment of 2017's What the Stars Are Listening To. Be prepared for some great music that has kept us company this cold month 🌟





The mouthwatering appetizer comes from our chef @Huib. It is a soft melodic track by James Bay, ideal to sit back, forks ready for the rest to come.




Main Course


After the impressive entrée, we have prepared an upbeat, strong remix for the main dish, that will make you wish for an encore. Our thanks to chef @EthanS1





Time for a yummy treat! Chef @Rodrigo recommends this track by Wolfside, the sweet aftertaste to compliment the main course. An espresso is entirely optional.





And that is not all!! Feel free to check out the rest of the playlist; there's something for everyone's taste :)




Till next time, enjoy!

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Sounds like a mouth-watering menu! :D



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Carrying on the culinary tradition! It wasn't cold down here in Tasmania!! 

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Thank you everyone for contributing! This is a great selection of songs to choose from. I'll have to give it a listen right now!