What kind of Premium user are you - Online or Offline?


No, this isn’t a personality test if this came to your mind first. 


I’ve been meditating on this since the first day I joined the Community team and I’ve always wanted to see what other Spotify users think and what listening habits they’ve developed after subscribing for the Premium service. I also think a discussion as such would give me a whole bunch of new ideas on how to get the best when exploring Spotify’s endless possibilities for finding new music or playing it in diverse ways. 


The gist of it is, I think a lot of people get Premium to either use the Online features or the Offline ones. Or both, of course. If you think about it, which one is to be chosen fully depends on one’s lifestyle and everyday dynamics.


I’m not saying nobody uses both equally, but I still have the feeling most users focus on either offline or online features after buying Premium. 


For example, the radio is unthinkable without a nice Internet connection. Same applies to our favorite Automix feature. And let's not forget just the ability to use Connect with a bunch of cool devices.


On the other hand, for me there’s nothing more peaceful than a mobile phone or tablet keeping you company on a plane or in the mountains where no Internet connection is available. This is where you only rely on what you’ve downloaded, but still can listen to hours of music and even find new items for your Liked Songs if you downloaded content you’ve never listened to but you wanted to try out. Not to mention offline mode gives your battery a longer life.  


What do you folks think? Tell us about your listening habits and favorite features in Offline or Online mode.

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Nice subject @Ivan 


Not enough time right now, but, for sure, I will develop my "case" later... 😀

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I'm definitely an Online Premium user. I mostly use Spotify in my house so I don't have to download any songs. I also like using the Radio feature so I need an internet connection.

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Great article, @Ivan!


Got me thinking with it, so after contemplating on the question I'd say I'm on Premium mostly because of the ability to enjoy offline listening on walks in the park and on flights.


But, since you mentioned Radio - I must say I love to discover similar songs to the one I'm already hooked on, so whenever I'm on my PC I give it a try for shorter or longer periods of time to find some music gems 🙂

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My Spotify DNA is 90% Online and 10% Offline.

I am primarily using the desktop app, so I am listening with an internet connection, but I have 2-3 emergency playlists with downloaded content in case my internet stops. 

When I am using the mobile app its mainly for trips and my solid playlists with downloaded songs are there.


Thus said, the features I am using in the majority of my time in Spotify are not related to a Premium feature - Fans Also Like tab on artist page, Discover section in Browse etc.. 

(Well maybe the sound quality is a good bonus)

In very rare cases, when I don't know what to listen I am using the Radio, but as you mentioned it, I should start using it more 😄 

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Always online and rarely offline.


I mostly listen at home. When I am in the car or on the go, I have LTE (soon to be 5G).


I usually have my liked songs playlist downloaded anyway so that the music never stops (and loads faster).


Now if that much requested lossless quality feature ever comes out, you're gonna want to be online 


I'm a 100% online listener - don't have a single song downloaded 😄

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I am 95% online (computer)  /  5% offline listener (phone)


My online listening is mostly home, connected to my home system and for very short driving (like shopping around), connected with my phone to my car audio system.


When I am home online, I am 99% of time looking for new releases and new artists for feeding my daily playlists. So, I don't have anything downloaded on my PC.


My offline listening is essentially for long driving when you are not sure to get a good connection all along the way.


For being totally 'comfortable' and not distracted by something new, when I am  driving a long time, just because I know all the songs, the only playlist downloaded that I listen is my huge (almost 7 k songs and growing regularly) Oldies handpicked compilation that I am using like a non-stop random radio with crossfade at 10/12 seconds for having a fluid listening.


So, unless I am sleeping (a few 😄 ), there is always music somewhere around me.. 🙂


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I mostly use Spotify online, as the majority of my time using the app is spent at home, scrobbling music to and browsing playlists/artists/albums. And while I’m usually listening to Spotify while I’m away from home as well, I don’t usually venture out to places without a cell phone connection, so I don’t need to use the offline listening feature. Sometimes I do listen offline on my phone, such as when I’m on an airplane or going on a hiking trip somewhere without cell phone service; however, these times are relatively uncommon compared to the times when I use Spotify online.


At home 100% online, mostly to Sonos speakers via Spotify Connect. I see no reason to download anything. Uptime is close to 100% with a 250 Mbps downstream connection, so I'm good.


When out running or road biking 100% offline due to meh cellphone reception.


Lately I've started running with just my Apple Watch (what a liberation to leave the phone home) and have had to resort to Apple Music for offline listening 😞


online but i want to go offline. i want to buy premium right now but it does not allow me to and i dont know where to post a topic so i do it here lol please help me... and the offer ends today

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Hello @AlexEllis!


You can post a topic in about this in the Subscriptions section of the Help boards. That way, you'll get help more easily.


Hope this helps!

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I am mostly online, but sometimes you force me to go offline from Spotify and online to Apple Music as there is still no app for Apple Watch that will allow me to play my music when I am not carrying my phone. I believe it is your seventh most voted idea, but still no love.

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Just online nothing else


@MartinStoichkov I love the idea of having "emergency" playlists 😄

97.5% online listening. The other 2.5% is for downloading podcast episodes that I want to listen to later.


Often when I'm listening to music a song will pop into my head that I want to add to the queue and play straight after the current song. Online listening is perfect for that and allows for a certain degree of spontaneity which just isn't possible when offline.


I've tried downloading playlists to listen to when out and about before, but it turns out I get bored pretty quickly from listening to a set list of songs, even if shuffled. I like the freedom of navigating the vast open sea that is the Spotify music collection.


Keep rocking 😉

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I much prefer to listen to music offline, on my mp3, so i can go out and about with music in my ears....


BUT how do i download my playlist to a folder on my laptop, so that i can transfer the music to my mp3 player offline ?
Which is why i joined to premium in the first place so i can download and transfer music...
Please help.

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Hello and welcome to the Spotify Community.


Music downloaded from Spotify for offline listening is only playable through Spotify installed on the device where it has been downloaded.


Music from Spotify can't be downloaded on a mp3 player.


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Thank you for your post.

No wonder I've been going around in circles, trying to download onto my laptop files, its been driving me potty since i joined premium, lol, Shame.....

Kindest regards,