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What the Stars Are Listening To – November


Here we go. Christmas is in one month but with the Stars of the Community, we are not afraid to tell that it's Christmas in our ears every day. The November menu of "What The Stars Are Listening To" brings us a delicious musical gastronomy.




Hungry for more and more music ? This new playlist offers all it needs to satisfy your ferocious appetite with a diversity of tasty food carefully handpicked by our Stars.





My grandmother used to say : "It's in the old pot that we are preparing the best soup" . So, we begin with some traditional food delivered by Canadian singer-songwriter, 'Son Of Dave' who surely fell into the Blues cooking pot when he was a kid. However, he never forgets to add some modern spicy electro beat to his vintage bluesy recipe. Big thanks for this great choice go out to chef @MartinStoichkov




Main Course:

Good healthy food and a warm friendly welcome being permanently in our minds, nothing quite like a 21 years old talented American guitarist, singer-songwriter, from Greenville, South Carolina, for proving us that age and taste are not a fatality. It's possible to be young and enjoy a traditional meal. We are grateful to our chef @InfusionGB for bringing to our ears 'The Marcus King Band'.




Our foot taping soul-influenced course helped us to burn some calories. So, it's not a sin to tell that we keep some room for more.



It's time now for the sweets. After traditional food, what about a seasonal dessert? Curiously, for our dessert, we are looking towards a country starting soon it's Summer, when northern hemisphere will enter Winter. Australian pop singer-songwriter 'Sia', required by our thoughtful chef @koenve, presents our frozen dessert with her delicious song Snowman.




We hope you have enjoyed our specials. It's now up to you to check the rest of our menu card with a wide variety of choices coming, as our devoted Rock Stars who have elaborated it, from all around the world.