What the Stars Are Listening To – October

Rock Star 14
Rock Star 14



What the Stars Are Listening To – October

I am very happy to be your host this month.  All our Stars have presented a great variety of ingredients to be able to put together a menu that pleases all of you. I want to clarify that this is a very hard task because with so many excellent options, it is difficult to decide a three-stroke menu. But please come on in and let's get started.





Be all welcome. I hope you enjoy this evening that we have all prepared with so much affection.  To begin, I want to thank our chef michaell. His choice seems to me the perfect calm start, allowing time to get acquainted with this smooth and pleasant rhythm.



Main Course:

I fully understand that our chef osornioss in the face of the importance of this event, has had a hard time deciding the main course. In spite of this, his selection of different samples within a single dish seems to me exceptional.  Not only a mixture that harmonizes perfectly, but also very enjoyable. 




So as not to distract you unnecessarily, and so that you can continue enjoying this evening, I leave you with the dessert that our chef Huibb prepared. I get the impression that he was thinking that the most important thing,  more than the introduction to his plate, was the plate itself.



I can only finish by thanking each and every one of the Stars who collaborated on this menu with their suggestions and support. I hope everyone enjoys the dishes--there's no waste in this list. Thank you again and see you at the next meeting!


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Nicely written. Two thumbs up!

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Community Manager

Nice one 🎉 !!


Awesome! and great

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so well written!! Great


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Mmmm! That Starter tasted sounded delicious.


Way to go, chief!