What the Stars are Listening To in April!

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Welcome ladies and gentleman! My name is Julián, and I'll be this month's flight captain. I hope you're all having a great day, and that maybe our new menu can help make it a little better. Sit back and enjoy, as this will be the last official flight of mine :)


Time for the reveal...
Here's the full menu!



Let me now present to you our specialties of the month!



To ease into this lovely evening, let's begin with the best of the best. Tender and cured, we have a great, handwritten U.S. jazz song from Adam Hawley, accompanied by Julian Vaughan! This Starter was hand cooked by our amazing chef @cadmielp - straight from the República Dominicana!




Main Course:

Now it's time to officially settle down, with our main course. This is a soul + funk infusion, and an interesting one too! This song, written by the american group The Spinners, is our newest entry by master chef @rossi1911. Star @rossi1911 personally delivered it himself, straight from his restaurant in Indonesia! 



I hope you've enjoyed each of our selections so far! We always try to provide the best quality of music. With that having been said, shall we have some more?



Now, our upcoming song is aiming to drift you into your imagination. This last pick was picked out and cooked by our crewmember @MattSuda, with the help of Felix Cartal and Iselin who designed the master recipe!




I guess that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed the flight, and that we'll meet again sometime! Please remember you can always check the full menu at the top of this post.


Thank you everyone! For both participating with your contributions, and taking your time to read this entry ⭐

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Awesome post, @julian_L 🎉
This is a really great read, and playlist :)


Nice playlist Julian. Well done! Just found out abour this place right here and i'm loving it. Glad to see some Kpop over there. 


Greetings from Brazil.