What the Stars are Listening To

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This one's on the house. 


In the third instalment of ‘What the Stars are listening to’, our very own Rock Stars share their favourite tunes for the month. Roll those sleeves up while we have a look at the mouthwatering menu.



The Starter:


A heavenly entrée from one of the many female vocalists setting 2016 alight. This tried and true featherweight classic from @OviiiOne is just the right balance of sour and sweet to whet the appetite. 




The Main Course:


It's punchy, it's heavy, it's addictive. "Blood in the Cut" melts in the mouth, packed to bursting with emotional power pop. Backed by explosive percussion and riffs, K.Flay is the dish you'll be telling all your friends about for weeks to come.




Compliments to the chef @osornios.


The Dessert:


After licking the plate clean, a sweet treat is the perfect way to round things up. @MattSuda has just the right thing. A glittering synth-pop anthem, "Like It's Over" is perfect for a late night cruise with the windows all the way down....




And that is that! If you liked that you can always come back for seconds in the full playlist here ^_^




what do you think? let us know what you're listening to below!


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Loving the wide variety of musical tastes on this month's playlist! Got a little bit of everything from the grungy punk of Green Day to the mellowed out acoustics of old school Maroon 5.


Keep on Rockin'!

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Community Manager

Nice one! Enjoyed reading this @crematedman 🙂

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@kirashi it is a wide variety! that acoustic is brilliant ^_^

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@Melody cheers ❤️ glad you liked it


Awesome blog for an awesome playlist.

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@musiccornercv thanks for the loooove ❤️


Lovely way to describe the music! XOXO

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@lindsaysayasane cheers lindsay ^_^ it's a pretty accurate analogy actually