What the Stars are Listening to - July 2018

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Summer is in full swing in a lot of places, with heat waves around my location on the West Coast of Canada hitting up to 33 Celsius so far. Hot, hot, hot!


This means it's time for fun in the sun with outdoor sports such as kayaking, swimming, or beach volleyball, vacations away from the hustle-bustle of work (or staycations, if that's your jam), and a new playlist of danceable tunes for summer.


Let's get this backyard BBQ party started!


Clean Up the Backyard

Perhaps the most important step in hosting any kind of event is ensuring the event space is clean and ready for guests. @Jpgchief has selected a motivational rock track from Coheed and Cambria to help cleanup the piles of leaves and other Unheavenly Creatures in your backyard. Rake and leaf blower not included.




BBQ Setup & Preparations

Now that things are sparkling clean and your lawn is a vivid green, it's time to invite the neighbors over for some BBQ prep. Selected by @imattolo, this chill track by Labrinth featuring Stefflon Don will ensure the neighbors work on the Same Team to make this BBQ a success. Don't forget to pickup propane and propane accessories.




Invite the Griswolds

With everything cleaned and the BBQ & picnic table good to go, it's time to invite the neighbors, friends, and their families. Every event needs a quirky family like the Griswolds so @Keanu_C picked out a track by LANCO that is Born to Love Your guests no matter where they've come from. The Griswolds will provide comic relief at the BBQ as needed.




The Guests Arrive

It's the day of the BBQ. Everything is setup, music is bumpin', steaks are on the grill, and the punch bowl is full of delicious, er, well, punch! Your guests are about to Glide in to the tune of this great track chosen by @IguanaSetup by the one and only Stephen Walking. Saxophone-inspired retro music is joyous for summer dancing.




Hot Eats & Cool Treats

Now that everyone's had a burger or hotdog, it's time to break out the icy popsicles and the slip 'n slide to cool down a little bit. These items are sure to make your BBQ guests Happy Now instead of later as this track by Zedd demonstrates, selected by @MattSuda. Happy guests keep the party groovin' to the beat.




A Successful BBQ

Congratulations! You've planned and hosted a backyard summer BBQ from start to finish. As your guests leave you think "man, I'm Born To Run parties like this" and start dreaming up plans for Halloween and winter holidays to the tune of this track by American Authors picked out by @Noah. You're born to run parties, baby, so keep on planning!




Wowzers, that's one intense summer backyard BBQ completed. Simply play July's What The Stars Are Listening To playlist in reverse to cleanup and disassemble your BBQ, and stay tuned for August's playlist coming out in early September.




Thanks for listening, and as always, keep on rockin'!


Nice mix this month, Stars! Some really good tunes in here.


Thanks for a well-written blog, @kirashi 🙂

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Love the blog @kirashi!! Too all the stars who contributed to this months WTSALT, love the selection that everyone has contributed for the month of July! Keep on rockin everyone 🤘🏼🤘🏼

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Hello @kirashi


Nice and different....

Love it!!!

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Thanks guys! I really do enjoy writing things, especially when music-related, so I'm happy everyone enjoyed this month's blog. Keep on rockin'! 🤘


Hi, lovely playlist!

I just released a track that might fit in quite nicely :P 

If you like it then it would be amazing if you wanted to add it to your playlist, or write a review of the track :)