What the Stars are listening to in January!

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Welcome ladies and gentlemen! So, January has come to an end, and you know what that means!

It's time for another "What The Stars Are Listening To" playlist update!






To start this lovely meal, we'll be serving you a great musician under the name of Owl City picked by our legendary @kirashi! This amazing pop song has such a beautiful melody that can help you fly away in your imagination :)



Main Course:

It's time now for our main course, served by the wise @cadmielp who is bringing us a lovely soft jazz that brings you the best of latino-styled music. Please enjoy this amazing song infused by George Benson!



I hope you enjoyed our mixture of meals, we always try to provide high-quality content to please your ears :)

Now it is time we deliver you our final menu, the dessert! An amazing pick by our master chef @ItsPugle! I don't think I need words to describe how this song gets you pumped up and ready to do something amazing, it tells you to step up and realise you don't need anything else but you alone. That no matter where you come from, you are unique and beautiful, and no one can judge you but yourself.


That's all ladies and gents! I hope you enjoyed it! You can check the full playlist to see all contributions made by our awesome rockin' crew!


Thanks everyone for participating and remember, we were all born this way ;) !

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Great job @julian_L!

Nice text!


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Rock Star 4

Well written with lots of good tracks this month! Good job guys!


How Can I become a spotify curator for music producers?....there seems to be a lack of hip hop instrumentalists on here.




guys my goals to become Spotify famous someone help pleaseeeee