What the Stars are listening to

What the Stars are listening to

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Hey folks!


So we’ve given you a little insight into the listening habits here at our Spotify offices’ via ‘In Our Headphones’, but what about the Rock Stars?  




The Rock Stars? You might say. Who are these shining wonders? Well if you don’t know already, take a little look: Spotify Rock Star Program



Cool huh? And, their music taste is just as bright and brilliant as them. So, Let’s find out exactly what they’re jamming to.


Menu July 16:


Top Tip: The Stars playlist is best served with a dash of ‘Awesome attitude’, on the ‘rocks’.


For Starters:


  • The starter comes from Star @Jordi with “The Arena” by ‘Lindsey Stirling’, and it’s a real treat. Think classical pop, rock, and electronic dance, all ‘fiddled’ into one with some skillful violin work.



Nice. Ready for some more?


Main Course:


  • Our main course comes from the great @EthanS1 with ‘Christine and the Queens’ “Tilted”. This is an adventurous course, from the elaborate and exciting French singer. The Stars know what’s hot, and this tune exploded after her performance at Glastonbury this year. Haven’t heard it yet? Then thank the lucky stars you’re here:



No no no, we’re not done yet. There’s always room for dessert.




  • To round things off. Something sweet and “Delicate” by ‘Damien Rice’. This one came from Star @Hubo and it’s the perfect wind-down track. Warm, smooth, and calming.




Time for coffee now we think.


There’s loads more don’t worry, but we decided we’d save that for your lucky ears to discover here:




Thank you to all of our Rock Stars for sharing. We enjoyed it and we hope you will too! Maybe we’ll be back for some more 😉


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