Winter Ideas Review 2021

Winter Ideas Review 2021


Our Community Team reviews our Ideas Board regularly and highlights the statuses we’ve updated.


This time, we're doing it a bit differently and focusing on all the awesome implemented Ideas you folks submitted about the recent Lyrics feature.

Check out the LYIRCS section below for this.


And not only...


If you take a look at the OTHERS section, you'll find some more good surprises, including a major one about implementing something you've kept requesting for a long time.


For more information regarding how your ideas become reality, take a loot at: Idea Exchange: How does my feedback reach Spotify?





. [Desktop] Bring back Lyrics


. [Mobile] Lyrics on Mobile


[All Platforms] Add time synced lyrics


[SmartTV][Other] Add Lyrics to TV


[iOS][Developer] full lyrics while listening to songs designed in a clean Spotify themed animation


[Other] Separating Lyrics from Behind the lyrics


[XBox][Other] Show lyrics on Xbox console


[Amazon Fire TV Stick] Show lyrics like it does in Android app


Song status with thumbnail and lyrics


Thank you for staying with us on these Ideas.


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. [Social] Block Followers

We’re pleased to confirm that all users now have the option to block another user on Spotify.

It works across desktop and mobile devices, preventing from being able to see listening activity, public playlists, or view profile pages 🛑


. [Mobile][Your Library] Separate Sorting Options For Each "Your Library" Category

It's now possible to set a separate sort order for each filter in Your Library 🙂


. [All Platforms] Spotify support for Iraqi users.

Big up for Spotify becoming available in Iraq 🎉


. [Country] Spotify available in Venezuela

And another big up for Spotify becoming available in Venezuela too 🎉


We thrive on Ideas


We're actively bringing your comments and feedback to the teams here so they know which features are important to you.


If you've got a good idea, you can submit it here.                                        

Casual Listener

I would like an update on friends activity on mobile. 


It has been 2 years since last update from spotify on this topic. Wrapped 2021 has shown once again that people want to share what they listen to

Casual Listener


Spotify Star
Spotify Star

Great stuff! 🤩

Casual Listener

Can we PLEASE finally get some kind of organizing options for Podcasts? It would make listening to Podcasts on Spotify so much more enjoyable, if I wouldn't have to look through all Podcasts I follow randomly mixed together on one page, but could organize them in groups or something like that.


Can we please get an update on what's happening with HiFi? Spotify announced Feb 2021 that it would start rolling out by the end of the year. It didn't happen. Why? 


Just another request for hifi - considering moving to Tidal…….


Overall great stuff but want the military Lyrics for my website. My website is about plate carriers. 



Casual Listener






3D design add shorts video add not running smooth there are too many bugs


Hello, my name is Nia Harley I am from Charlotte, North Carolina, I currently attend the University of Illinois Chicago and I play for their Women's Soccer team. I have a proposal that I thought about while me and my teammates were selecting music to play on our speaker. This was a challenge because while we workout we all love to hear current Rap and R&B but our coach requires us to play the Clean versions. Because of this our manager can't play her personal created playlists because most of the songs are explicit and spends her time looking each individual song up to find the clean version which becomes tedious. I believe it would be beneficial if there were a button that you could press on your personal created playlists that could switch all songs to clean versions. Essentially an on or off button that read "clean" If there was a song on the playlist that does not have a clean version on the app the user would be notified and the option would be to skip over this song while the playlist is going or play it anyways. This would be extremely beneficial for cases like mine, school functions, when you're in public places such as a neighborhood or public pool, the park, etc. I would love to hear what others think and what you all think as well. Thank you. 

Casual Listener

Spotify's Live Ideas forums are just lip service. They don't actually ever do anything with our ideas. They let these posts accumulate and then post a boilerplate about "Great idea, we'll look into it!" - but then they never do anything about it.


Have a look over at this 2 year old, 36 page long Shuffle Play Live Idea that Spotify hasn't done a thing about:


They even went had a community guy come in and ask for more information. We obliged yet every single DM to him from multiple people has been ignored for 6 months now.


Again we're talking about a Shuffle Play that doesn't work properly. You know, Shuffle Play, that thing that randomly plays songs without grouping them or repeating them, just like your old car CD player or 20 year old MP3 player would do. The thing that any one with a passing knowledge of coding can do in probably 30 minutes. We've even had volunteers post the code on that Live Idea thread.


We're not trying to send a person to Mars with this or generate a new chain to mint Spotify NFTs. We just want the Shuffle Play fixed, but that seems a nigh impossibility for Spotify. Even basic communication with the dedicated forums members who request these changes seems to be an impossibility.



This is called a monthly ideas review. Why am I seeing a post from November?

The entire Spotify team is terrible. Why even pretend you care about these ideas when you ignore the ones your customers want most?

Don't worry, I'm not expecting an actual response since I know how terrible you all are at your jobs.


Can anyone give an update on "[iOS] Implement Native HomePod Support" => over 4000 votes.

But Spotify doesn't care.

Please give us a short update! Is it not planned to integrate this feature?


Please consider a form of organizing albums, making collections, i don't know... for those who don't listen to playlist only, the album page can get kinda messy.


Please update this thread Playlist Likes it has hundreds of comments threads, all of them wanting to implement this idea. It is a great idea and from what ive heard, it was once used but taken away.