Your 2018 Wrapped

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Your 2018 Wrapped

The year is wrapping up, which means (yep, you guessed it) it’s time to relive your year in music with Wrapped.


Starting December 6th, you can find your top songs of 2018, as well as playlist of songs from genres and artists your don’t normally explore - but we think you’ll like. To get yours, head here: You can also check your personal listening habits for the year at


We understand you might have a few questions about Wrapped 2018, so we’ve outlined a comprehensive FAQ for you below:


Q: Where can I get my Top Songs of 2018 playlist?

A: Just head here

The "Your Top Songs 2018" playlist should be in Your Library > Made For You. If you are not seeing the playlist, please head over here to let us know the playlist is missing. 


Q: What date are the emails being sent out?

A: On December 6th, but if you didn’t get one just head to to get all of your personal listening habits.


Q: Why didn't I get an email with the number of minutes I streamed this year? Can I still get one?

A: The email was only sent to those who have their email notifications turned on. We’re not able to send it again, but you can check the number of minutes you streamed this year at


Q: What date range does the data in the Wrapped website cover?

A: January 1st to October 31st. Listening after this time won’t be taken into account.


Q: Will the playlists disappear at some point, even if I follow them?

A: The playlists won’t disappear, they will be supported like any other playlist.


Q: If I sign up for Spotify now, can I get a 2018 Wrapped?

A: Unfortunately not. You would have had to have been a Spotify member before November 1st, but if you sign up now you can listen to the best content of 2018 on the Wrapped hub and start streaming now to get a 2019 Wrapped experience.


Q: Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2018’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

A: It is for the most part, but it may be slightly mixed to help it flow better.


Q: My 2018 Wrapped year recap or Top Songs of 2018 playlist is wrong, I’m sure I didn’t listen to that music. Can you change them?

A: This can happen for a number of reasons:

- You share an account with someone else.

- You often leave Spotify playing in the background--it can be easy to miss what’s playing.

- You’ve left your account available at a party/gathering, where people can add tracks to play.
If you believe none of the above happened please let us know in this Ongoing Issues page: "Inaccurate Wrapped 2018 Top Songs Playlist".


Q: What criteria do I need to meet receive the personalized playlist “Your Top Songs 2018” in Browse?

A: You need to have listened to at least 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music before Oct 31, 2018.


Q: Why can't I view the Wrapped 2018 page?

A: Try opening the page in another web browser or incognito browsing session. If the page is still blank please let us know here: "Spotify Wrapped page does not load".


If the page is not blank but is hard to read let us know here: "Wrapped 2018 page diffcult to read". 


Q: Why does my friend have more pages on the Wrapped 2018 website?

A: Depending on how much data we have gathered about your listening behavior, you might have more or less pages than another person. 



You can always go to the wrapped hub to listen to the best music of 2018:


If you have any questions or if you're having any issues with your Wrapped experience, please head to the relevant Community Help board for your device. We're here to lend a hand!


I'm having the same issue as most people here... completely wrong data. It sucks because I look forward to this every year. My 'preview' on the wrapped website was correct, but all in all this is kind of dumb


I have the same problem as a lot of you! My top 100 songs doesn’t even have my most listened to from the Wrapped info. 

And even better - it has a song on there released on November 2nd. So several days after the year lists were closed...

This is so frustratrating, because these are some of my favorite playlists!!


In My Top List is Daniel Miller. I have never heard something about him neither heard his music. Here is a bug.


 Yup, facing the same issue here. Top 5 songs are not in my Top100 list, which is a bit weird. Next to that, I'm missing a lot of songs in the Top100 list which I've listened to.

Casual Listener

 Okay, so I have the same problem as many others. My top 5 songs on Spotify wrapped are completely different compared to the top 5 on my top 100 playlist. One of my top 5 songs from the wrapped list isn't even included in my whole top 100 playlist. How can that be? How can a song that's in my top 5 not be in my top 100? Makes no sense. Overall it seems like the top 5 wrapped list is more accurate than the top 100 playlist.


I've always suspected that the top 100 list emphasizes the importance of songs that you've clicked on the most, instead of the songs that you've actually listened to the most. There's many songs in my top 100 list that I've clicked on maybe 2 or 3 times, and never listened to since, but many songs that I've listened to over 30 times throughout the year are completely absent from the list.


I hope that Spotify clarifies what's going on here. How can the wrapped list and the top 100 list be so different from each other. Personally I would love to see a list of the songs that I've actually listened to the most throughout the year. It's really strange that my top 100 songs of the year playlist is full of songs that I've listened to 2-3 times and songs that I've listened to over 30 times are completely absent from the list. I always look forward to the top 100 songs of the year list and it's a shame to be disappointed. Especially this year seemed disappointing. I don't know if you did something differently compared to previous years.


Also this part was confusing:

Q: Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2018’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

A: It is for the most part, but it may be slightly mixed to help it flow better.


Why can't you just give us a straightforward list of our top most listened to songs? That's what we all want.

Casual Listener

Really disappointed with the algorithim implemented for this list. A lot of the stuff on my list is def not my top 50 of 2018 from Jan-Oct31st.


Like a total fool I accidentally sorted the playlist by artist name and now I can't get it back in order of how play count. Any help? 

Casual Listener

Why it is not January 1st to December 31st? 2 months could really change numbers and names.


@jakeom86 Just click two more times: first click sorts A-Z, second Z-A, third goes back to no sorting.


I also received the email with stats and so. I find it nice, even not accurate. However, what I find really alarming is, there are religious songs in the tastebreakers playlist !?

Here are some of those: (Christian) (Muslim)

These types of "songs" or let's rather say "recordings" should be filtered out of suggested playlists.


"Unfortunately, we don't have enough data about how you listened this year to serve you the full experience."


How is this possible??


my spotify wrapped is missing things (like zodiac sign) that others are getting. it has 9 pages, not 10/11. what should i do?


I DID NOT GET A 2018 WRAPPED PLAYLIST! I got the "Tastebreakers" list but i cannot seem to find my 2018 wrapped playlist anywhere! I got the mail with the 2018 wrapped slideshow, but that isn't really the most important thing to me (also, it only has 7 slides for some reason). I've been looking forward to getting this playlist all year. Not recieving it is really dissapointing! If i could get this issue fixed i would be very happy!

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Rock Star 16

Wrapped 2018 has been lovely so far! Rediscovering favourites from last year and discovering new music with Tastebreakers. ✨


 You guys should really work on the algorithm or something for next year. I'm a bit dissappointed by my 2018 Top Songs playlist. It's about 60% accurate compared to the previous years' playlist (2017 was on point and pretty much "to the tee" for me). This year's playlist is lacking some KEY songs I KNOW I listened to religiously throughout the year. For example, a song listed as my #1 on the "" site isn't even in my playlist. I've grown to really look forward to when these are published on a yearly basis, but, like I said, was a bit dissappinted with this year's. 


Exactly! My top 5 songs (which are accurate) are not on the playlist at all! How is this possible - Spotify needs to fix their algorithm.


I think the layout looked better last year - where you also could se the tracks from which artist, etc. Just a better look.


11. Mit Spas- Spotify 2017.PNG

Casual Listener

I always look forward to the year in music playlist, but this is the first year I was completely disappointed....Its COMPLETELY inaccurate, with songs I maybe listened to once, or never at all (I never have my spotify just playing, and I never have my spotify logged in at a party). Luckily I've been building my own "2018" playlist since the beginning of the year of songs Ive listened to a million times (I was curious to compare the playlists at the end of the year)- and NONE of the songs on my playlist match that of the one generated by spotify. Super disappointed- please fix!!!!


I suppose mine is actually pretty accurate except for the oldies song. I've never even heard of "Foxey Lady" by Jimi Hendrix. I'm also pretty sure I've listend to more than 29,061 miniutes as I listen to music every single day on Spotify and this would only equate to about 20 days. 


I certainly hope the 2018 Wrap Up is more accurate than the Tastebreakers playlist. Not only do we listen to every genre on our playlist, we actual own more than one of the artist's CDs.