Your 2018 Wrapped

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Your 2018 Wrapped

The year is wrapping up, which means (yep, you guessed it) it’s time to relive your year in music with Wrapped.


Starting December 6th, you can find your top songs of 2018, as well as playlist of songs from genres and artists your don’t normally explore - but we think you’ll like. To get yours, head here: You can also check your personal listening habits for the year at


We understand you might have a few questions about Wrapped 2018, so we’ve outlined a comprehensive FAQ for you below:


Q: Where can I get my Top Songs of 2018 playlist?

A: Just head here

The "Your Top Songs 2018" playlist should be in Your Library > Made For You. If you are not seeing the playlist, please head over here to let us know the playlist is missing. 


Q: What date are the emails being sent out?

A: On December 6th, but if you didn’t get one just head to to get all of your personal listening habits.


Q: Why didn't I get an email with the number of minutes I streamed this year? Can I still get one?

A: The email was only sent to those who have their email notifications turned on. We’re not able to send it again, but you can check the number of minutes you streamed this year at


Q: What date range does the data in the Wrapped website cover?

A: January 1st to October 31st. Listening after this time won’t be taken into account.


Q: Will the playlists disappear at some point, even if I follow them?

A: The playlists won’t disappear, they will be supported like any other playlist.


Q: If I sign up for Spotify now, can I get a 2018 Wrapped?

A: Unfortunately not. You would have had to have been a Spotify member before November 1st, but if you sign up now you can listen to the best content of 2018 on the Wrapped hub and start streaming now to get a 2019 Wrapped experience.


Q: Is my ‘Your Top Songs Of 2018’ playlist in order of what I listened to most?

A: It is for the most part, but it may be slightly mixed to help it flow better.


Q: My 2018 Wrapped year recap or Top Songs of 2018 playlist is wrong, I’m sure I didn’t listen to that music. Can you change them?

A: This can happen for a number of reasons:

- You share an account with someone else.

- You often leave Spotify playing in the background--it can be easy to miss what’s playing.

- You’ve left your account available at a party/gathering, where people can add tracks to play.
If you believe none of the above happened please let us know in this Ongoing Issues page: "Inaccurate Wrapped 2018 Top Songs Playlist".


Q: What criteria do I need to meet receive the personalized playlist “Your Top Songs 2018” in Browse?

A: You need to have listened to at least 5 different artists, 30 different tracks, and 60 minutes of music before Oct 31, 2018.


Q: Why can't I view the Wrapped 2018 page?

A: Try opening the page in another web browser or incognito browsing session. If the page is still blank please let us know here: "Spotify Wrapped page does not load".


If the page is not blank but is hard to read let us know here: "Wrapped 2018 page diffcult to read". 


Q: Why does my friend have more pages on the Wrapped 2018 website?

A: Depending on how much data we have gathered about your listening behavior, you might have more or less pages than another person. 



You can always go to the wrapped hub to listen to the best music of 2018:


If you have any questions or if you're having any issues with your Wrapped experience, please head to the relevant Community Help board for your device. We're here to lend a hand!


I'm having an issue that my top 100 seems to be my bottom 100. I recognize almost none of the songs on the list (most of them are songs I played only once or only half of the song) and the rest of them are songs I listened to at most 10 times. I'm really confused as usually the top 100 list is good, but this is complete trash.


Not one song on here is accurate.


My 2018 warpped list are totally wrong, over 60% of artists I don't know. My obvious favourites 10-20 songs across the year are not in the list. Very disappointing, my 2017 warp up was so accurate, but why 2018 is like**bleep**?

Music Fan


I think the statistics are calcluated totally wrong..
In 2017 I listened 12161 minutes, which was as excepted, but in 2018 I listened 195846 minutes.

That would be between 1.1-31.10  : 195846/304 = 644 minutes a day : over 10h !!!
During spring 1.1-31.5 I was writing my master thesis, mostly listening to web radios so I'm a little bit curious about the statistiscs..

The only thing what have been changed is that I bought Algoriddim Dj Pro 2 for my Mac laptop. 

What I'm suspecting that there is some kind of treshold when the full time is actually counted:
- if you skip the song before XX seconds, it's not counted as "1 streamed play"

- after the XX seconds it's counted as 1 streamed play and counted in your own "wrapped" statistics 

And yes : what I've done is I'm preparing my playlists for dj pro 2 so that bpm and keys are automatically analyzed  i.e automixing played roughly 30-40s before skipping to next song.



I want to know my music habits but when I click in the links you provided all of them lead me to the page where I can see the 100 song playlist and not the rest of the information. I used those:

But they are showed like this:

If I change the word genre for view, it automatically goes again with genre.



Can we please get our personal Spotify wrapped back?  Looks like it's gone, as noted by others, it just shows some Spotify playlists....


i tried viewing my 2018 wrapped on january 19 but it wasn’t working. Is there like a limit on when you can see it? If there is can you change that please? That would be really great.


I wanted to view my 2018 wrapped too. It's too late?




Where can I find my top 5 artists, top genre and how many minutes I've listened in 2018?


Every time I try to access it redirects me to and it shows the top songs 2018 playlist only.


I didn't get any email about this and my email notification is on.


Also, there are a bunch of musics that I probably listened once and shouldn't be in my top songs playlist. What happened this year!? The last 2 years was great!




I agree with ffscalco – got no e-mail about this either and now I can't view the page anymore and get redirected.

I'm really really disappointed, been using Spotify for ages and the yearly results are  my favourite! *cries* Can you please reactivate the feature?

How do I find out my top listened to artists and top songs and the minutes I streamed this year?
(My email notifications were on , but I didn’t get an email and I cant see the minutes I streamed at
Q: Why didn't I get an email with the number of minutes I streamed this year? Can I still get one?
A: The email was only sent to those who have their email notifications turned on. We’re not able to send it again, but you can check the number of minutes you streamed this year at
Casual Listener



I received no e-mail informing me of the Wrapped stats being available.


Now when I log in to I only see "Your top songs" and "Tastebreakers" - there are absolutely no other stats. Really disappointed.


Is it too late to view my 2018 Wrapped statistics?




My wrapped for 2018 is missing, cant resolve it through the app. Are you planning on developing a reporting tool on the app?



Casual Listener

Ah, how nice that Spotify cares of its customers and are here to answer all our questions :D *crickets chirping*


Yep, would have been cool to see this. Don't understand why you'd remove this sort of data so soon, I can't imagine it takes much space compared to what they usually provide. Welp.

Casual Listener



I have the same problem with my 2018 Wrapped Playlist ("Tu Top de Canciones" in Spanish).

I'm Totally disappointed! Please, fix it for the next Year!


Please re-enable the 2018 Wrapped information.  It is significant part or the user experience.  Which at the moment, is more like user frustration...


Can u help me?


Going to the spotify wrapped page, it just takes me to the top 100 songs and tastebreakers. I cant seem to find where any of my info like time listened is. Is it too late to check it? or is there something wrong??