Your Ideas At Work: Repeat Track Mode


This February saw one of our oldest and top voted Community Ideas arrive in the desktop client: Repeat one.


With over 1,800 kudos and close to 200 comments, the “Repeat Track Mode” Idea was submitted one of our Community Rock Stars @MattSuda . Thanks in part to the votes and comments of the Spotify Community members, Repeat One was released with Desktop app version 0.9.7 and will be available on Android and iOS in upcoming releases. 


                                                         repeat 2.png


Clicking on repeat in the bottle right corner now toggles between “no-repeat”, “repeat-all” and “repeat-one.”


We’re excited to mark this hot idea as implemented and keeping hearing about what you’d like to see in Spotify. We always want your feedback. So keep the Ideas coming!

The only thing I want to see is the Equalizer back again for iOS. When ? And are 1800 Kudos not enough to do it after 2 years of making the customers crazy?
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Thank you.  When do you plan to update the Linux client?

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Finally !
Sometimes things change...
Sometimes not ...
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Waiting the mobile update with patience ...
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@evrenesat - The linux client is unofficial and made by a few devs in their free time - unfortunately updates come if/when they get a chance to bash out the next release.
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I know it's unofficial but it also says "preview" which implies some day it will be official : )

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Thank you! Just need to fix the radio so you can edit the repeat 1 setting there too... 🙂 


Hmm, this is actually very useful if you want to run one of those relaxing ambient "songs" / noises at work to focus. They are often very loop friendly to the point of being seamless, so this will make them go on forever.

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Yep, listening to the community is very hard for them, apparently. Even this repeat-one idea - it's the most basic thing ever, it's implemented in every single music player/device (even my 8 year old MP3 player offers it), and now Spotify acts like they just did us a huuuuuge favor and listened to us, though this option should've been there from the first **bleep**ing Spotify client that was released. They're acting like they gave us food after three years of starvation. darn.


Option to:

- Sort a playlist on 'date', 'album', 'artist' (on iOS/iPhone) (And a option to remember on pc after a reboot)



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~darrirafn, just sort them via track name and see if there are any duplicated tracks with same lenght, album etc. etc. No need to bother Spotify staff when ~Gautam pointed out how it looks for such a feature repeat-one-track, my way is quicker. Besides all of this learn to pick & add tracks from official albums not some mixed album etc. and when u'll create playlists properly u wont might want to complain that there is no feature cuz were lazy at doin some research.





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Wow. That's the dumbest sh!t I've read. Don't you think I've been doing that?

I'm simply suggesting a very useful addition that's relatively easy to program. 


I've got a playlist with about 1500 songs. Do you seriously think I'm going to go through that playlist song by song to find duplicates?


Why do you think iTunes has the possibilty of "viewing duplicates"? Because people are so lazy and are terrible at making good playlists? No! When you're making large playlists it's bound to happen that a couple of songs are entered twice. And while iTunes ask "Are you sure you want to add this song? It's already in there, buddy", Spotify does no such thing. That's why Spotify desperately needs a "find duplicates" option. 

I can't see why this is such an outrageous suggestion, plenty of people agree with me that this option is surely needed. Are you so conservative when it comes to Spotify that it's impossible for it to change at all?

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This thread is really for announcing ideas which have been implemented. If  you want to discuss other issues, there are probably more suitable threads in the main sections as the threads here aren't regularly monitored for feedback.


There's an idea here relating to duplicate playlist tracks and one of the developers recently posted here that "Upcoming releases will tell you if you're about to add a duplicate to a playlist".