1st Track OK other tracks greyed out

1st Track OK other tracks greyed out







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Windows 10


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If I search for an album using the app it's not found. If I search using the online version I can find the album 'In the Land of Grey and Pink' by Caravan. I can add to playlist but it only lets me play the 1st track, the others are greyed out and won't play. I've read this may be due to rights but it played a few months ago. This happens with other albums too and it's always the 1st track that will play and all the others won't. Why would the 1st track on several albums have rights and all the other tracks on the same album not have?? Never track 2 or any other, never more than 1 track and always track 1??

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Hey @BlobM, thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Could you try a clean reinstall of the app following these steps? If that doesn't help, can you confirm you reside in the UK (based on what you provided in your original post), and can you send me a link to one of the tracks you can't play? You should be able to click "..." > Share > Copy Song Link or Copy Song URI.


Let me know how this goes!

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